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Logistic solutions

Supported by flexible and state-of-the-art tools, our experienced logistics specialists secure rapid and efficient implementation of customised supply-chain-management concepts. The service range extends from fundamental supply-chain consultancy right up to complete solutions, from forecast management via Internet-based replenishment right up to risk management. Our services increase the cost transparency in the supply chain, resulting in lower inventory and working capital levels. Regardless of whether you are looking for a single approach for specific components or a complete TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis; whether it is a matter of reducing the number of vendors, process automation or the definition of customised supply methods, EBV is the right partner for you.

Our service covers a large number of tools to optimise the supply chain, either on an individual basis or as a complete package. The priority is that the customer receives exactly the solution that is best for their individual requirements. It starts with simple matters such as special material handling/packaging requirements or individual barcode labels, and continues with group deliveries and buffer stock. But we also have in-depth offers with relatively complex issues such as EDI, forecast management, JIT/Kanban and web-based automated replenishment such as POURS.com. The more complex the issue, the greater the dependence on EBV to accept responsibility for the task on behalf of the customer, in order that everything functions smoothly and both partners benefit as a result.