The EBV IoT Smart, Secure, Connected


IoT Solutions for Classic EBV Clients

IoT Solutions for Classic EBV ClientsWith its market technology matrix, EBV Elektronik already has a very good initial approach to determining which technology can provide what added value to the corresponding application, in order to achieve a competitively viable product. 

With the IoT, however, the challenges faced by EBV’s clients also change, when, for example, an existing autonomous device is now to be connected to the Internet or connected to a Cloud solution. This connection also brings with it new requirements. For example, a wireless module in combination with the corresponding software solution may provide the desired connectivity, while an appropriate security solution may provide the corresponding data security for authentication and data exchange.

As far as their core product – the formerly autonomous device – is concerned, no one knows this better than EBV’s clients themselves; they are often leaders in the world market in this area and/or hidden champions. As far as RF technology and security are concerned, in many cases these companies have had little or no involvement until now, so that in many instances the appropriate resources to meet the challenges of the IoT are not available to them in sufficient quantity in-house. It is precisely at this point that EBV Elektronik has a particular strength in its ability to assist these clients with appropriate resources and specific know-how, in bringing their new product to market as soon as possible. At the same time, EBV explicitly addresses the security risks which arise with the data transmission, for at the end of the day an appropriate security solution can always be found using suitable semiconductor components and appropriate software.


Support for Newcomers to Electronics

Support for Newcomers to ElectronicsIn principle the IoT connects different markets which have existed until now as essentially isolated solutions, in the same way that the Internet networks together stand-alone computers and PCs. In this way, the previous sharp divisions between many applications are softened. Good examples of this are provided by items of sportswear, which may now contain sensors, or pieces of furniture with built-in recharging units for wireless charging of mobile terminals. Typically, the sportswear or furniture manufacturers were previously not electronics specialists so that they require suitable partners to convert them to the electronics functionality, where the electronics partner must of course consider the characteristics of the corresponding solution from all possible angles. EBV shows these companies the possibilities offered by the technologies and builds bridges to suitable partners who are able to address the individual requirements of the corresponding area of business or the solution in an appropriate


Support for Start-Ups

Support for Start-UpsStart-ups also have very clever ideas but often the hardware for these businesses is only a standard product which they need to realise their business idea. Often these businesses are primarily distinguished by their software and services, by the connection to the Cloud and/or by the underlying data processing. 
EBV Elektronik has already helped various start-ups, to bring their products to market with an appropriate manufacturing partner. Again, when it is a matter of organising the logistics, EBV can often provide start-ups with vital support, for example, for the organisation of software updates or for the outsourcing of gateway, server and/or Cloud services.
In Europe too, the IoT provides clever start-ups with a very good chance of realising their ideas– even (but by no means only) in the areas of wearables, personal healthcare, fitness sensors and trackers. In Central Europe EBV has a team of seven people which deals solely with new customers and in 2014 identified a good 400 clients.