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RoomSensor Shield

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RoomSensor Shield



Device description 

Application details
AMS Logo Temperature & humidity sensor –
Relative humidity & temperature for HVAC and as reference for VOC sensor
Gas Sensor VOC –
Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compound ) and equivalent CO2 (eCO2) indication for indoor air quality monitoring 
Ambient Light Sensor –
AMS TSL25721
Ambient light conditions for sun shades, daylight harvesting and HVAC control
Smart Lighting Director –
Closed loop CCT, tunable-white and/or daylighting management for luminaires & lamps 
Infineon Logo Pressure / Temperature Sensor – DPS422  Door/window open detection, intruder detection, weather forecasting
Radar Module –
RFbeam K-LD2 
Motion detection, micro movement detection, proximity sensor
Secure Element –
Optiga Trust X
Secure key (private key storage, symmetric key generation), software protection, anti-cloning

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