SEVENSTAX is your strong embedded software partner for the internet of things. For more than 15 years, we support costumers all over the world from our traditional location in Hanover/Germany.

Their focus is the integration of secure communication technologies in embedded systems. Therefore they offer a wide range of protocol stacks ready to run with nearly every microcontroller platform. Their development fulfills strict guidelines (e.g. automotive spice) and their software is verified for conformance with MISRA/QAC rulesets. This makes their products an ideal choice for the use in safety critical applications. Furthermore they offer the development of state-of-the art user interfaces for embedded systems like Webapplications and Smartphone Apps. If desired, they support their costumers through all phases of their projects. Already at the early stage of project planning, they can provide help with our knowledge and their experience acquired during decades of project work. With their help, it is possible to build devices that work securely in every communication infrastructure, are easy to install and easy to use.

Their scope of supply and services:

Embedded Protocol Stacks

  • TCP/IP for Ethernet/Wifi/GSM/Bluetooth/etc.
  • IPv6 – the next generation internet protocol,
  • Webserver – for state-of-the-art user interfaces,
  • TLS/SSL – secure encryption and authentication,
  • FTP – file transfer,
  • XMPP – simple messaging service for online device communication,
  • ZeroConf – Plug & Play in the Ethernet,
  • SNMP – Standard for Network Management,
  • E-Mail,
  • PTP – Precision Time Protocol,
  • V2G – Vehicle to Grid Communication for e-mobility,
  • XML/SOAP/RESTful – standardized application interfaces, etc.

Software Development

  • Embedded Software, drivers, applications, etc.
  • Smartphone Apps for device control
  • Webapplications, M2M-server applications, cloud, etc.
  • Specifications, Concepts, Testing, Conformance Verification
  • Security Consulting, Security for Embedded Systems