Reese Thies

Engineering office for hard and software development specializing in power- and micro electronics, embedded systems.

Since 1995 Reese + Thies offers at customer’s order: development of hard and software, prototyping, construction of testers, support for industrialization (e.g. EMC - tests) and also series production. Their fields of activity are embedded control, micro electronics and power electronics. They are very experienced in analog and digital technology. The development of compact electronic control units and actuators, where micro- and power electronics are crowded together in a very confined space, is one main focus of their work. Daily they solve the problems of cooling and EMC. At R+T’s software is developed mainly for embedded systems and vehicles. On the one hand complex coherences and communicational relationships are to be mastered there and on the other hand sense and experience are needed for electrical and hydraulic drives as well as knowledge of control engineering. Their developments are applied in the fields of automotive, machinery, energy, aviation, medical and naval and defense technology.