MicroSys Electronics GmbH located in Sauerlach close to Munich, designs and develops embedded system solutions, for e.g. VMEbus, CompactPCI and other common bus infrastructures. From the beginning in 1975, customized solutions offering longevity are a strong part of MicroSys business as well. Successfully deployed products span from Computer on Modules up to fully integrated systems.

Since 2000, the miriac™ CPU Module Family expands their product portfolio. This flexible and modular Module-Carrier-Concept can be used for both, evaluation purposes of processor technology and serial production.  The miriac™ Modules utilize 32-Bit Processors such as Freescale Power Architecture, e.g. QorIQ-CPUs, Intel MultiCore CPUs, DaVinci ™ Video Processors, FPGAs and DSP-Designs. With their low power consumption and compact dimensions of a credit-card, the miriac™ CPU Modules fit into any application in Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Railways & Transportation, Construction and or Defense market segments. Operating Systems such as VxWorks, Microware OS-9, Micrium µC/OS, QNX and Linux or WinCE are supported. Furthermore MicroSys acts as a sales and support partner in Europe for RadiSys Microware ® OS-9 Real Time Operating System.  Operating system integration and adaptations of communication infrastructures like CAN, EtherCAT, ProfiNET for industrial, defense, avionic and medical solutions are an integral part of their business as well.