Led n Light

The LEDnLIGHT Solution by Gaggione includes optical products from families of collimators, reflectors and lenses which are the fruit of long experience in the custom optical components market. It has developed naturally in the face of constantly changing market demands.
Their collimators adapt to different areas of application such as the automotive sector, backlighting, mobile telephony and light indicators on domestic appliances. Thanks to a very extensive product range, they can meet most technical specifications. In order to satisfy the signage market, LednLight has a 200 and a 300mm Fresnel lens in its range. This both lenses are optimized by their optical conception and will fit in most of signage equipments. Especially for street lighting application they have developed Free from Lenses. Thanks to its optimized optical design, this lens will allow to develop an efficient lighting system. Our engineers kept in mind the key success of a lighting system: reducing the number of LED per system and increasing the distance between two systems. The LLP01A gives satisfaction and provides a perfect light distribution while guarantying a low level of glare. This lens is suitable with many different LED from majors manufacturers and comply with EN 13201 standard.