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HDP Media is part of HDP Group, a company with Polish capital, operating on market since 1992. Company is developing Video Editing Systems for end users as well as for small TV studios. They are creating their solutions from A to Z - they collect requirements, they design, produce, implement, deploy and offer maintenance for their systems.

The hardware division of HDP Electronics is widely experienced in audio-video systems designing. For many years they create A/V processing devices for end-users addressed to domestic marked but they also offer dedicated solutions for other companies, not only for amateurs but also for broadcast studios.
Most of their systems communicate with PC platforms, so PCI and PCIe are well known for them. They can use it as Add-on PC cards and in external devices as well. Their solutions use also analog video interfaces (CVBS, S-Video, YUV, RGB) and digital links (FireWire, HDMI, SDI). For video compression they use DV and MPEG-2 formats based on hardware solutions or DSP processors.
 Tehy are designing multi-layer PCBs using Altium Designer software. Their systems works with signals frequencies up to 3GHz. All produced devices are designed and tested according to requirement of CE certificate of EU.
HDP's software department is stable, constantly growing team. For more than 10 years it collects experience on design and implementation of video editing systems, associated tools, SDKs (VideoZIP RT SDK) and rendering engines for linear and non-linear editing systems.
The software they create, similarly as hardware, can be called complete solution. It covers code for DSP, Windows drivers, multimedia processing modules, 3D engines and end-user applications. Our biggest system has code of length exceeding 700 KLOC (kilo-lines of code).