Dave S.R.L

DAVE's three product lines are designed to totally satisfy customers' requirements. This choice is made on the basis of the characteristics of the microprocessor (including flexibility and scalability) and last but not least on the specific market requirements. Additionally, DAVE also considers the possibility to develop a full SOM family powered by the same CPU, but differentiating the SOM features to target specific product lines.

Dave is a well-established and constantly growing Italian company, focused on designing, manufacturing and selling of miniaturized embedded systems solutions. Since its foundation, back in 1998, Dave has developed its business, increasing its know-how and activities. Support and assistance provided to many italian and foreign companies mainly concerns the design of microprocessor platforms, based on Linux, Windows or Android. DAVE provides CPU modules solutions or System-On-Module (SoM) based on the latest technologies, Multi-Core ARM Cortex, PowerPC and X86 in particular in the industrial, medical and home automation.  CPU modules of this line provide peripherals / functions that ensure the achievement of top performances without any restrictions.  The ULTRA line offers key features such as PCIe interface and on-board FPGA, which provide an infinite number of options and customizations. As an additional plus, the mechanical retention is enhanced for harsh environments applications. The ULTRA line products express the state of the art of CPU modules. Modern applications and products require a perfect mix of performances and flexibility, which is exactly what the CPU modules of the ESATTA line provide. The ESATTA line offers high mechanical retention (up to 50G), processing capabilities, sophisticated algorithms on DSP and high-definition video computing (HDMI,...), assuring pin-to-pin compatibility (with few limitations) along with the same product line.  Products from the ESATTA line can be customized thanks to the high number of configurations available. Areas of application of this product line are complex HMIs, automotive devices, medical appliances, video surveillance. Customers searching for the best cost-effectiveness with high-quality standards, CPU modules of the Lite line are the perfect solution.  The Lite line products have a default and tailored set of features and resources with a limited set of customizations available. The technical specifications of these products are based on proven and validated solutions in order to minimize risks and costs.  Application area of LITE line are home automation (eg: video intercom over IP), simple industrial interfaces, highly integrated HMIs, high-volume productions.