A reliable partner to extend your design possibilities of high performance, complex and multi-core embedded systems with special expertise in communication and video processing.

Borea is an independent design house specialized in development of complex high-performance embedded computing systems in the area of communications and beyond. We are a creative and innovative team whose dynamics allows us out of box solutions while at the same time keeping our services reliable and professional. We are a partner you can rely on. Our core competence is built around high performance embedded computing using 32 and 64-bit processors. Company focuses on special hardware and software implementations of systems where ultimate performance is expected. To fully unveil the maximum potential of processors we do multi-core programming at bare metal level without any OS even in assembly when needed. Beeing a Proven Freescale partner we support Freescale PowerQuicc, QorIQ and i.MX chips. We also develop high-performance custom microcodes for Freescale QuiccEngine/eRISC Communication Processors.