Adeneo Embedded

Adeneo Embedded is focused on 32-bit embedded systems design as well as mobile and enterprise application development.

Adeneo Embedded is a specialist system integrator focused on complete 32-bit embedded systems development from OS bring-up, board support package and driver adaptation to application development. Since 2002, their engineering offices in Europe (France) and North America (USA) have supported with customers worldwide from small embedded device makers to Fortune 500 companies. They enable OEMs and ODMs create dedicated device projects and major programs for large-scale systems, including automotive, consumer, medical and industrial equipment. Their design experience spans the full range of leading embedded operating systems including Microsoft Windows Embedded, Windows Phone, embedded Linux and Android. Their passion is to work with device makers, silicon vendors and board manufacturers on end-to-end projects from concept to market reality in a collaborative business environment. They have developed strategic partnerships with the best-in-class silicon vendors in the embedded ecosystem as well as many becoming trusted development partners involved in preparing production-ready hardware and/or software platforms.