Almost 2 years since Wi6Labs has been created by a group of engineers wishing to put their technical expertise and their willingness to innovate to serve their customers and partners. With its multidisciplinary expertise, the team has developed complete low cost wireless solutions for data collecting for the various markets of the Internet of Things. This includes all the links in the data collecting chain starting from the sensor and its connectivity up to the core network connected to the information system of the customer companies.
Wi6Labs is firmly focused on the specific needs of its customers. It can work on all phases of a project, from defining the hardware and software system up to the field deployment. The team's strength? His ability to listen and understand the needs of its customers; its effectiveness? Its ability to create "the Internet of things that get done."
During these two years, if Wi6Labs was able to convince as much to trust him, it is undoubtedly because its values of agility, creativity and confidence have definitely a strong meaning for its customers. It is on these values that the company has created smart partnerships with committed and complementary companies, addressing the same markets.
You who read these lines, future supplier, customer or partner, join Wi6Labs to discover new territories such as those of the Internet of Things!