What is EBVchips?

Semiconductors developed with and for our customers

Under the name EBVchips, we are defining our own semiconductor products, developed with and for our customers!

These products are manufactured by our suppliers, fulfilling special requirements of customers not covered by products already available. This makes EBV the first semiconductor specialist in the world to offer such a service. With EBVchips, we offer our customers competitive advantages, as they will now receive exactly the products and technologies they require for their individual applications.

The EBVchips program is not just limited to chips. It includes integrated circuits, modules, boards, discrete semiconductors and hardware & software solutions. The EBVchips solutions are owned by EBV (usually for a period of time) and marked with supplier part number. Each individual solution is specified by EBV together with customers and suppliers. They can only be purchased through EBV only with a few possible exceptions in some cases. As an additional service of the EBVchips program each solutions is supported by the technical expertise and know-how of EBV’s specialists.

Who can take part at the EBVchips program?

An attractive partnership - even for small customers

The major direct customers – the key accounts of the manufacturers – have always had access to state-of-the art technology and discuss ideas for products directly with the manufacturers.

Until now, however, this has often not been possible for medium-sized companies. With EBVchips, EBV is bundling its strengths to provide even smaller customers with access to brand-new specifications and customised solutions with a more attractive price/performance ratio. As such, EBV now represents the interface between many thousands of customers and the manufacturer and is taking semiconductor distribution to a whole new level.

It goes without saying, however, that all customers have access to EBVchips! EBV is always open to great ideas about products, regardless of the application or market. With regard to the various related conditions, EBV is also happy to adapt inidividual terms for customers who play a key role in defining a new chip.

Is there a minimum quantity for an EBVchip?

Even small quantities are possible

There is no minimum quantity of EBVchips as long as the joint business case is accepted by all partners. This also depends on the application and type of semiconductor. Microcontrollers, for example, generally require several million EBVchips. By contrast, power modules for wind turbines, for example, may only require between 20,000 and 30,000 EBVchips. As far as manufacturers are concerned, minimum quantities depend on factors such as the application, chip size, housing and price. EBV, however, is happy to supply its customers with small quantities if required.

Does EBV own the EBVchips products?

Exclusive distribution rights

Yes, EBV owns the products. In most cases they bear a unique original component number assigned by the manufacturer so that the device can be clearly identified as an EBVchip and in addition they are stamped with the manufacturer’s logo. EBV will then hold exclusive distribution rights for the component for a certain period of time.

How about the availability of the EBVchips?

Long-term availability

For many customers in Europe, the availability of semiconductors over a long period is a basic requirement for the design-in. In the automotive industry, for example, suppliers have to be able to deliver their products for at least ten years. In addition to the actual specifications, therefore, long-term availability is often one of the most important properties of semiconductors and, in turn, EBVchips as well.

If a manufacturer or product area is taken over or sold, or a particular technology is discontinued, a final order can be placed as part of a ‘last call’. Since EBV owns the intellectual property of the specifications, however, it can arrange to have the component produced by a different manufacturer. With EBVchips, therefore, customers are always on the safe side.

When and why should I contact EBV?

From an unsolvable problem to the best solution

If customers are facing the issue not to find the right products for their design, this is just the right time for them to contact EBV. We will act as an interface between our customers and a great number of word-class semiconductor manufacturers and thus make sure that our customers will get an individual solution that is not covered by products already available. This makes EBV the first semiconductor specialist in the world to offer such a service.

How can I contact EBV?

Always at your service

You can either contact your local EBV sales office at www.ebv.com/locations or send an e-mail to ebvchips@ebv.com.

What does EBVchips mean for EBV?

A classic win-win-win situation

The concept of EBVchips is highly attractive not only to customers but also to semiconductor manufacturers. For years they have been waiting, indirectly, for the opportunity to obtain consolidated and detailed information about exactly what it is that the many thousands of customers who transact their purchases via distribution need. This is why many manufacturers surveyed by EBV are extremely interested about the idea of EBVchips and are very supportive of the initiative. 

EBV through and through

EBV is the intellectual property owner of EBVchips. Non-disclosure agreements protect the know-how of each involved partner. Once the terms of engagement have been clarified, the expert teams concentrate fully on the process of defining and designing the EBVchips. Depending on the manufacturer, the opportunity is always available to integrate not only the manufacturer’s IP but also suitable third-party IPs. 

Vertical market segments and application know-how

Through its senior Vertical Market Segment specialists EBV is able to provide a deep market understanding on applications and solutions level to its customers and suppliers. In discussions with our partners, EBV contributes significantly to anticipate technology needs and upcoming market requirements. This provides customers and suppliers an important benefit and added value as they analyze their markets and adapt their roadmap strategies. The consolidated know-how of EBVs Vertical Segment specialists contributes to the EBVchips program to ensure that solutions are developed which are successful in the semiconductor markets.