EBVchips Overview

Under the name EBVchips, we are defining our own semiconductor solutions, which we are developing with and for our customers! They are manufactured by our suppliers, fulfilling special requirements not covered by products already available. This makes EBV the first semiconductor specialist to offer such a service. With EBVchips, we offer our customers competitive advantages, as they will now receive exactly the products and technologies they require for their individual applications.


Complete 802.11 b/g/n Networking Solution – The Wi-Fi Cloud on Chip


Wireless Sub-GHz Module with proven M-Bus and OMS Stack


Wireless 169 MHz M-Bus High Power N Mode RF Transceiver Module


Entirely New Standards in M-Bus Communication


Wireless 868 MHz Module for 6LoWPAN Mesh Application


Configurable Hardware with Communications for Every Automotive Alternator Regulator Design


Wireless 433 MHz Module for Wireless M-Bus