E-invoicing services

We are proud to announce that EBV is the first components distributor worldwide to offer the possibility of changing to paperless invoicing – e-Invoicing.

Together, we can now save on costs and resources - a Win-Win-Win Situation for you, our environment and also EBV! This new service is available with immediate effect. With e-Invoicing from EBV, you can use all the advantages of electronic data processing without any risk. Nothing changes with the liability and legality of the invoices. Also with e-Invoicing, all legal conditions are fulfilled and a smooth invoicing process is guaranteed.  e-Invoicing offers key advantages compared to conventional paper invoicing – it is faster, more flexible and saves on costs and resources. Furthermore, e-Invoicing makes it possible to work on your invoices at anytime no matter where you are located worldwide.

Through the omission of the traditional paper invoice, you can achieve considerable cost reductions in the archiving, processing, and analysis of fiscal data. In addition to these advantages, e-Invoicing greatly eases the burden on our environment: large amounts of paper, printing toner and energy are saved as well as document transportation costs. In this way, we are together making an important contribution towards the protection of our environment and; therefore, supporting the fundamental idea of our ECOmise it™ philosophy: “Only by setting ecological standards, you will be economically successful”. Profit today from the advantages of e-Invoicing

The conversion to e-Invoicing is very easy and completed in only a few steps!

  • Please contact your local EBV office and ask for your personal access data to our portal myEBV.
  • Log in to myEBV with the access data received and enter your eMail address.
  • Done! Our environment thanks you!

You can reach our e-Invoicing specialists at any time by E-Mail at e-Invoicing@ebv.com.