Kick-Starts for Startups


Our techies can ass dome serious design experience to your team.

Engage our specialist in the early stage of your project. We support you right from the beginning.

We believe that technology goes beyond the parts you can get from any distributor. You didn’t found a start-up just because you want to sell something. Neither do we work just to sell semiconductors. We believe that good design and intelligent solutions enable us to make the world a better place and thus EBV evolved to the high-tech company it is today. The best advice we can give you right now is that mistakes usually happen long before buying components; usually something goes wrong in the early stage of an idea and those things are hard to fix later. What does that mean for you? The earlier you involve our specialists in your idea and design, the more you will profit from our know-how. With teams all over Europe, we are confident that we are able to support you wherever you need us to.