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Due to high costs of buying new trays every year, in FY12 over 100.000 €, the Transport-Management-Team of Avnet Logistics introduces a new tool for EBV’s customers. Customers are asked to use the following link http://row.ups-esp.com/aspx/Login.aspx log in with their username + password, submit company details and give information about how many packages of used trays need to be send back to EBV while Avnet Logistics will take shipping costs!


EBV customers

username: tray returns EBV
Password: UPStrays1

That is all it takes to save money on Avnet’s side as well as on the customer’s side and be one step closer to be a “green company”!


A “win-win-situation” for everyone of us

  • Avnet’s carbon-footprint is reduced by 65 metric tons by not shipping new trays from Asia to Poing
  • Avnet avoids approx. 10 metric tons of additional plastic produced, purchased, and circulated
  • Avnet’s customers reduce their waste profile + costs by not scrapping trays but sending them back
  • Avnet’s customers reduce their administration and archiving by not obtaining and filing a certificate of waste disposal
  • We start re-using our packaging materials with that
  • Overall: Avnet and its customers save money and become more green