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OptoCoupler 1-CH 8-Pin SO T/R

Isolated Voltage Sensor for

  • BUS voltage sensing
  • IGBT thermistor sensing


The ACPL-C87B voltage sensors is optical isolation amplifiers designed specifically for voltage sensing. Its 2 V input range and high 1 GΩ input impedance, makes it well suited for isolated voltage sensing requirements in electronic power converters applications including motor drives and renewable energy systems. In a typical voltage sensing implementation, a resistive voltage divider is used to scale the DC-link voltage to suit the input range of the voltage sensor. A differential output voltage that is proportional to the input voltage is create don the other side of the optical isolation barrier. For general applications, the ACPL-C87A (±1% gain tolerance) and the ACPL-C870 (±3% gain tolerance)are recommended. For high precision requirements, the ACPL-C87B (±0.5% gain tolerance) can be used. TheACPL-C87B/C87A/C870 family operates from a single 5 V supply and provides excellent linearity. An active-high shutdown pin is available which reduces the IDD1 current to only 15 mA, making them suitable for battery-powered and other power-sensitive applications. The high common-mode transient immunity (15 kV/µs)of the ACPL-C87B/C87A/C870 provides the precision and stability needed to accurately monitor DC-link voltage in high noise environments. Combined with superior optical coupling technology, the ACPL-C87B/C87A/C870 implements sigma-delta (S-D) modulation, chopper stabilized amplifiers, and differential outputs to provide unequaled isolation-mode noise rejection, low offset, high gain accuracy and stability. This performance is delivered in a compact, auto-insertable Stretched SO-8 (SSO-8) package that meets worldwide regulatory safety standards.

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Key features:

  • Advanced Sigma-Delta (Σ-D) Modulation Technology
  • Unity Gain 1 V/V, ±0.5% High Gain Accuracy (ACPL-C87B)
  • 1 GW Input Impedence
  • 0 to 2 V Nominal Input Range
  • -35 ppm/°C Low Gain Drift
  • 21mV /°C Offset Voltage Drift
  • 0.1% Non-Linearity Max
  • Active-High Shutdown Pin
  • 100 kHz Wide Bandwidth
  • 3 V to 5.5 V Wide Supply Range for Output Side
  • -40° C to +105° C Operating Temperature Range
  • 15 kV/µs Common-Mode Transient Immunity
  • Compact, Auto-Insertable Stretched SO-8 Package
  • Safety and Regulatory Approvals:
    • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5: 1414 Vpeak working insulation voltage
    • UL 1577: 5000 Vrms/1 min double protection rating
    • CSA: Component Acceptance

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