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Xilinx and EBV @ FPGA Europe Digital Conference

29 Sep 2020 - 30 Sep 2020

Online Conference

FPGAs have made a regular evolutional leap forward in terms of new approaches and solutions for both hardware- and software developers.
The FPGA-Conference Europe is addressing that progress across all major manufacturers. It focusses on user-oriented, practically applicable solutions  that developers can quickly integrate into their own everyday work.
Take advantage of the combined knowledge of top-class FPGA experts!


EBV Elektronik will be present with two speeches:

Introduction to Vitis AI – unified development environment for AI inference (45 min)

Date and time: Sep 30, 2020 at 02:45 pm

Speaker: Speaker: Stanislaw Klinke, EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Vitis AI is unified AI Platform which allows development for both cloud and edge applications.
In this session participants can learn how Vitis AI supports mainstream frameworks and the latest models capable of diverse deep learning tasks.
All the powerful components of Vitis AI will be explained in the details:

  • Quantizer that supports model quantization, calibration, and fine tuning
  • AI Optimizer that can prune the deep learning model
  • Profiler, which provides layer by layer analysis to help with computation bottlenecks
  • AI library offers unified high-level C++ and Python APIs for maximum portability from edge to cloud
  • Comprehensive set of pre-optimized models that are ready to deploy on Xilinx devices


There will be also architecture and adoption of Deep Learning Processor Unit (DPU) presented.
After that session, participants should be able to understand how to implement trained deep learning model into Xilinx device with support of Vitis AI design flow.


Xilinx Versal, the first Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (45 min)

Date and time: Sep 30, 2020 at 04:00 pm

Speaker: Speaker: Saad Qazi, EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Introduction to the new 7nm fully software-programmable heterogeneous compute platform. This new category of devices allows users to customize their own domain-specific architecture. It combines Scalar Engines, Adaptable Engines and Intelligent Engines to achieve high performance improvements compared to the existing CPU or FPGA implementations. Especially interesting for Data Center, wired network, 5G wireless, and automotive driver assist applications.

After that session, participants should be able to understand how the ACAP architecture significantly extends the capabilities of programmable logic alone by combining the hybrid of programmable logic, scalar-, adaptable- and intelligent Engines.


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Xilinx and EBV @ FPGA Europe Digital Conference | EBV Elektronik

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