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Toshiba Motor Control Products Webinar

23 Jan 2019 - 21 Apr 2019

Online, On Demand

Online, On Demand


Toshiba Motor Control Products –
Make Your Motor Smarter


Over the past decade or so, improvements in motor control have been mostly incremental. All the same, these enhancements enable engineers to create products that, for the end user at least, are groundbreaking. Reducing heat dissipation and noise may suddenly open up motor use to a new type of application. A lower component count can make for a more compact solution that can be used in a confined space that was not previously possible. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of motor drivers, Toshiba has a wide portfolio of silicon solutions for electronically commutated motors and stepper motors. Our presentation examines the various challenges that confront engineers today, and reviews some of the technologies that have been integrated into our next generation motor control solutions. For those controlling stepper motors, we review our stepper motor drivers that actively adjust power delivery to the motor while maintaining the required torque. Coupled with microstepping, we cover how vibration can be minimized and noise almost eliminated. Sensor-based BLDC motor solutions that synchronize voltage and phase will also be reviewed that leverage our highly integrated InPAC technology. Finally, we take a look at solutions for electrically commutated motors utilizing a highly integrated microcontroller featuring a vector engine for easy-to-implement field oriented control (FOC). Along the way our technical presenter will provide guidance on optimal implementation and sources for reference designs and tools that will make your next motor control application significantly easier to bring to market. 



  • Learn to minimize stepper motor power consumption but maintain required torque
  • Discover how to improve BLDC drive efficiency with automated voltage-current phase synchronization
  • Learn how to simplify motor FOC



Frank Malik
Principal Engineer, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

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Toshiba Motor Control Products Webinar | EBV Elektronik

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