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Smart Building Summit

02 May 2019 - 02 May 2019

Germany, Dresden, Internationales Congress Center Dresden, Ostra-Ufer 2, 01067 Dresden

EBV participates in the Smart Building Summit 2019

The booth

The booth is about hardware components for building automation:

  • Sensor and connectivity solutions (including hardware security) by KNX RoomSensor Reference Design
  • Processors, Power Management, Motor Driver, HMI, etc.


The speech

Title: Hardware Components: Innovative Solid State Sensors and Connectivity Solutions

Fueled by smart portable personal devices the semiconductor industry develops recently a huge variety of innovative high-volume produced cost-effective solutions. EBV Elektronik as distributor for semiconductor components provides an overview on technologies and technology trends. Main topics are connectivity in Building automation (KNX, KNX RF, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM/NBIoT, WiFi) also including hardware security and sensors like for gas / indoor air quality, presence sensing (atmospheric pressure, radar, optical ToF, microphones), weather / ambient conditions (humidity, temperature, pressure,…).

As a practical example, EBV presents its new KNX RoomSensor reference design as an open design based on Arduino form factor to pave the way for new application capabilities and sensor fusion approaches. The design supports the communication standards KNX as well as wireless protocols like Bluetooth 5.0 and Zigbee 3.0. Innovative sensors for HVAC, presence detection, smart blinds / curtain and lighting control are included.


  1. Embedded systems, controllers, sensors and actuators for Smart Buildings
  2. New developments in radio and wireline communication, mesh technologies etc.


Promotional Tickets

EBV has a limited number of free tickets for customers to visit us at our conference booth. These tickets are limited to 2h.
Moreover, EBV-customers get an discount of 10 % for the event with the code SBS2019SC (when booking on the Event Website).



Dr. Dieter Groß, Business Development Manager for Light, Home & Building, EBV Elektronik

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Smart Building Summit | EBV Elektronik

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