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Automotive Traction Inverter solutions from STMicroelectronics


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The inverter controls both the traction and regenerative braking of the electric drivetrain, being the key component in the car, determining driving behavior.

In this session we will give a general introduction to the basic concepts of the traction inverter, while in the next one we will develop the two different HV and LV architecture topologies, giving also an overview about the ST wide product portfolio: discrete semiconductors including AEC-Q101 qualified IGBTs and both silicon and silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, AEC-Q100 qualified galvanically isolated IGBT and L990x MOSFET gate driver family for designing scalable, cost-effective and energy-efficient EV traction inverter solutions.




Topology: HV Architecture overview

A block diagram of a traction inverter will be introduced, focusing on the main ST product and technologies available or soon to be released.
We will also introduce a new reference design (based on SiC power module) for high power traction inverter.

Topology: LV Architecture overview

Starting from an available reference design for 48V / 5kW automotive applications, we will describe a low voltage traction solution, focusing on main ST products and technologies available or soon to be released.

ST Offer: HV products, IGBT & SiC

We will give an overview about the ST complete product portfolio: silicon and SiC power MOSFETs, IGBTs, isolated gate drivers in accordance to AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q101 standards.

ST Offer: LV products

We will give an overview about the ST complete product portfolio: STripFET™ F7 LV MOSFETs, new STripFET F8 LV MOSFETs, LV Power MOSFET for Syncronous rectification and LV Power MOSFET for Motor control, in accordance to AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q101 standards.



Gennaro Macina
Senior Application Engineer, STMicroelectronics

Gennaro Macina joined ST in 2004 and now leads a development team within the System Lab Development Unit, mainly working on electrical drives design in a wide variety of applications with a special focus on Electric traction inverters for both Low voltage and High Voltage in EV and HEV systems. He is responsible for the new motor control platforms development based on discrete and power module solutions.


Stefano La Rosa
Technical Marketing Engineer, STMicroelectronics

Stefano La Rosa is a Technical Marketing engineer at STMicroelectronics, following discrete IGBTs worldwide. This first job will lead Stefano to get a lot of experience with several IGBTs applications, ranging from induction heating to motor control. Recently, following car electrification trend, he is focused on traction inverter power modules, both SiC MOSFET and IGBT-based.


Fabio Criscione
Senior Marketing Engineer, STMicroelectronics

Fabio Criscione joined ST in 2005. He is currently focused on LV MOSFETs, mainly working on Industrial and Automotive segments.


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ST E-Traction Webinar | EBV Elektronik

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