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Power Integrations Webinar: 99.2% Efficient Integrated Half-Bridge for High Voltage Motor Drives

12 May 2020 - 10 Aug 2020

Online, On Demand

Online, On Demand

Power Integrations Webinar: 99.2% Efficient Integrated Half-Bridge for High Voltage Motor Drives ​


This webinar discusses the growing efficiency trends that are driving OEMs to innovate in motor technology. It explains the benefits of BridgeSwitch BLDC motor driver ICs and how they enable designs that are up to 99.2% efficient.

Attendees will learn how the integrated level shift circuit along with either internal or external drive voltage generation greatly reduces component count and board space reduces board space. The presenters will explore why the architecture is a perfect fit for driving single-phase motors by examining a complete inverter driver solution that requires only 13 components, is designed to meet different thermal specifications and can connect to any microcontroller.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn the fundamentals of BridgeSwitch's highly efficient FREDFET technology
  • Understand the importance of meeting the new energy efficiency regulations, which are forcing the adoption of new and innovative designs
  • Learn how to cut certification time by three months per IEC60730 and IEC60335 requirements
  • Develop methods to select best available reference design and driver IC to match customer conditions and thermal specification



Cristian IonescuCatrina, Senior Product Marketing Manager- Motor Drivers, Power Integrations  

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