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There are many factors required in order to establish a start-up. EBV Elektronik supports you with its experience and expertise!

An idea is only as good as the team behind it! Successfully establishing a start-up requires outstanding engineering power, reliable supply chain services, extensive technology experience and a diverse partner network to market products. Do you need a team member that can bring in all of those talents? Then it’s about time to ask us to support your project!


Engage our specialist in the early stage of your project. We support you right from the beginning.

We believe that technology goes beyond the parts you can get from any distributor. You didn’t found a start-up just because you want to sell something. Neither do we work just to sell semiconductors. We believe that good design and intelligent solutions enable us to make the world a better place and thus EBV evolved to the high-tech company it is today. The best advice we can give you right now is that mistakes usually happen long before buying components; usually something goes wrong in the early stage of an idea and those things are hard to fix later. What does that mean for you? The earlier you involve our specialists in your idea and design, the more you will profit from our know-how. With teams all over Europe, we are confident that we are able to support you wherever you need us to.

Production and more

We set quality standards with Europe’s largest service centre.

Whether mass production, small batches or prototypes: Avnet Logistics, EBV´s logistical backbone, has the facilities and know-how to implement any state-of-the-art modification as quickly as humanly possible, guaranteeing huge flexibility with any number of units. Each year, Europe´s largest service centre in Poing near Munich, is able to program 40 million electronic components as well as to fit and laser-label more than 45 million components. And it goes without saying that the logistics centre also complies with the stringent quality standards of the automobile industry, the aerospace sector and the military and medical technology sectors.

Welcome to EBV

Our focus is on sustainable business. Here we have a clear philosophy: Quality before quantity!

We are the leading semiconductor specialist in Europe and provide support for our customers in all aspects of their value-added chains. However, what’s more important for you is how we work: We always put the success of our customers first as we see you as our biggest asset in building a sustainable business for tomorrow. Looking at our dynamic approach towards the market and new technology trends, the only thing we might be old school about is the philosophy of our company´s founder: quality before quantity.


Who can give me advice on technical questions?

You can trust our sales engineers in helping you to develop the most efficient and successful design as well as to help to you select the perfect components which fit your needs and ideas. However, our specialists are not just smart, they are also passionate about technology and most importantly: reliable. Whatever problems and challenges you face during development you can always ask us for advice – our specialists provide clients with onsite support through all project phases: from the initial concept and the engineering to product refinement and finally on to serial production.


Spread the word and get social. Communication and networking is everything!

We know that marketing and communication is a discipline which is often too expensive to afford. We can help you to get started and to get some attention with a broad audience on Facebook, LinkedIn as well as thousands of blog readers. Even more important: We support start-up accelerators and incubators all over Europe and can help you to find like-minded personnel and meet new people.


Professional know-how gained through decades of experience will help you to get started.

Your initial idea is only as good as the product you bring to market in the end. We know that you are concerned about market developments and their impact on your business. The good news is that EBV is investing a lot of effort in the observation of the technology market environment and the identification of future trends, demands and opportunities. This strategy is backed by our experienced teams in the fields of distribution, technology, logistics as well as technical support who can provide feedback to your project from birth to market introduction.


Get access to leading technologies of the best manufacturers.

An engineer can only be as good as the tools he has access to (unless he would invent a new one!). That is why EBV’s linecard strategy does not focus on offering a vendor’s tray of suppliers, but instead offers you access to the leading technologies through careful selection of the best manufacturers. In addition to semiconductors, we offer and even develop modules, which cover everything from big trends to niches and offer room for easy prototyping and testing. In case we see demand in the market for things that do not exist yet we develop them ourselves within the unique EBVchips program together with our manufacturing partners, which include Texas Instruments, NXP, On Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics and many more.

EBVs' IoT Valley

We believe in visions, idea and creativity. Start-up accelerators help young businesses on their way to success.

IoT Valley is an association created in 2009 by four entrepreneurs from Toulouse. Today it is Europe's reference business ecosystem specialized in the internet of things and connected objects. Concentrated on innovative companies, the association has more than 40 start-ups and an acceleration program: LeConnected.Camp. It is almost entirely financed with private funds through partnerships with major groups such as SNCF or AG2R, and industry leaders like Microsoft, Intel, Samsung or EBV Elektronik. Each year LeConnected.Camp. helps 20 new start-ups.

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Concentrating on your core strengths and innovations.

In order to be successful and to preserve the unique personality of your business and products you need to select flexible and adaptable partners. Together with EBV you will be able to cut time-to-market to a minimum while concentrating on your core strengths and innovations. Our service experience, which is a result of close and trustful relationships to thousands of high-tech clients enables us to understand your business and team in full and to optimize costs and expenses as well as to offer you transparency even during the development of highly complex applications. And if we face a challenge that needs additional expertise in order to achieve the best possible solution, we are able to connect you to our comprehensive third-party network of IT, Cloud, big data and service providers.

Logistic Solutions

State-of-the-art logistics is the backbone for your shipment.

Logistics isn’t just boxing products to us. We always strive to find the perfect balance between buffer stock and costs in order to strengthen our customers’ competitiveness. The result is a complex process involving market research and prediction, Internet-based restocking and vendor-managed warehousing, which enables us to offer you the most flexible and reliable supply chain possible. As a service company, we aim to reduce your required inventory to help you to keep costs to a minimum and maintain your working capital needs. Therefore, we offer tailor-made logistics solutions designed for and driven by your specific needs – simply Logistics on Demand™ by EBV Elektronik!

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