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Smart connected solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing how you interact with objects, devices in your home, at work and the world around you. It is creating significant excitement with predictions of endless opportunities for extra convenience, comfort and efficiency for the end-user.

The rapid increase of electronic content and connectivity in automobiles, increasing demands for networking bandwidth, connected industrial and medical electronics, connected homes and the proliferation of smart mobile devices are all driving technology innovation and security leadership at NXP to help you develop smart, connected solutions.


Enabling smart connected solutions from the end node to the cloud



Unrivaled solutions portfolio

We are a market leader in microcontrollers with the broadest portfolio of ARM-based MCUs with the lowest power, highest security and smallest footprint – all ideal for IoT. We are a leader in IoT infrastructure with embedded processors for wired and wireless applications. We’ve broadened our security expertise with solutions that span device, network and security ICs.
And more than 90 percent of all wireless technologies can be found in development under one roof at NXP.
From the end node to the cloud, NXP provides an unrivaled portfolio for supporting the incredible growth of smart, connected solutions including microcontrollers and microprocessors, security, connectivity, analog and sensors, and RF. Everything you need, starts here for IoT.



  1. Smart homes and buildings
  2. Smart cities, smart grid
  3. M2M, Industry 4.0
  4. Intelligent logistics


  1. Mobile audio
  2. High-speed Interfaces
  3. Gaming
  4. Personal health and fitness
  5. Healthcare