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SABRE board for smart devices reference design based on the i.MX 6 series MCIMX6SX-SDB

The NXP Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering (SABRE) board for smart devices introduces developers to multicore processing, low-power consumption and leading-edge multimedia and graphics applications on the i.MX 6 series applications processors.

  • Simplifies product design with a low-cost, feature-rich development platform that allows developers to work with the majority of the processor’s primary features with the corresponding software support
  • There are two unique SABRE boards for smart devices: One based on the i.MX 6Quad applications processors (also used for i.MX 6Dual development) and one based on the i.MX 6SoloX applications processor


Featured products:

SABRE for smart devices based on the i.MX 6SoloX


  • Processor 
  1. i.MX 6SoloX processor


  • Power Management
  1. NXP PF0200 PMIC


  • Memory
  1. 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM
  2. 32 MB x2 QuadSPI Flash


  • Connectivity
  1. mPCIe connector
  2. 3x full-size SD/MMC card slots
  3. 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  4. 1x USB 2.0 Host Type A connector
  5. 1x micro USB 2.0 OTG connector
  6. 2x CAN (DB-9) connectors


  • Display
  1. LVDS connector
  2. Pairs with MCIMX-LVDS1 LCD display board
  3. LCD expansion connector (parallel, 24-bit)
  4. Pairs with MCIMXHDMICARD adapter board


  • Audio
  1. Stereo audio codec
  2. 1x 3.5mm audio ports


  • Other
  1. NXP MMA8451 3-Axis Accelerometer
  2. NXP MAG3110 3D Magnetometer
  3. NXP MC34901 High-Speed CAN Transceiver
  4. JTAG connector (20-pin)