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NXP software development kit (SDK) for HomeKit accessories


The HomeKit Software Development Kit (SDK) from NXP offers support for home automation applications using Apple HomeKit technology, delivering exceptional performance, advanced security and Bluetooth Smart® (BLE) connectivity.
This HomeKit BLE solution is architected as a host processor that runs the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) with a wireless connectivity processor connected to it via a serial interface (UART):

  • Host Processor - Kinetis MCUs based on ARM® Cortex®-M cores provide highly efficient processing to meet HomeKit cryptography requirements, while incorporating a wide array of advanced security functions, including cryptographic keys storage, software and system protection options, a hardware Random Number Generator (RNG), and optional integrated system tamper detection. See the Supported Devices section for host processors supported by the HomeKit SDK. 
  • Wireless Connectivity Processor - connected to the host processor via a serial interface (UART). See the Supported Devices section for wireless connectivity processors supported by the HomeKit SDK.

Available through NXP Professional Services





  • Easy to setup configuration
  • User API independent of communications transport
  • Easy porting and adaptation to target platform
  • Support for defined and custom accessories
  • Includes application examples suitable for project starting point
  • Debug support with conditional print to console
  • Built in firmware update support
  • Support for Bluetooth Smart 4.1 (BLE)
  • Available Professional Support and Professional Services


System requirements

  • Kinetis Host MCU
  • ARM Cortex-M4 core
  • Minimum 64 KB SRAM
  • Minimum 512 KB Flash
  • Hardware Random Number Generator unit (RNG)


Support policy

Software package includes two hours of Professional Support to help with configuration and getting started

NXP Software Development Kit (SDK) for HomeKit Accessories: More Information