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Ultrahaptics TOUCH Dev Kit (UHDK5)

Ultrahaptics TOUCH Development Kit allows you to create and evaluate mid-air haptic sensations for common HMI/UI control applications and interactions. Experiment with a range of sensations included in the Sensation Editor library and configure them to your requirements, or develop your own using the SDK software suite provided.


EBV - Ultrahaptics - Touch Dev Kit - What is icluded Mixed Media (MM)

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What is included?

  • Hardware platform: 14x14 transducer array, control board (ARM® and FPGA architecture) and frame structure
  • Pre-calibrated Leap Motion® camera module
  • Multi-region power supply and USB cables
  • Software Development Kit API programming environment (C++ and C#)
  • User License for the Sensation Editor to assist with the design and development of mid-air haptics sensations
  • Demonstration suite with impactful use cases to help get started quickly
  • Suitable for Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows
  • Access to software development kit, tools and examples at developer.ultrahaptics.com
  • Online support
  • 24x8 rectangular array board and cover material pack options available.

EBV- Ultrahaptics - Touch Dev Kit- target applications Mixed Media (MM)

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Ultrahaptics target applications

The TOUCH Development Kit allows you to create virtual buttons, slides and dials for HMI/UI control interfaces. Target applications include:

  • Automotive: Mid-air control of infotainment systems and dashboard functions
  • Appliances: Safe and hygienic control from a distance, virtual safety barriers
  • Smart home: Enhances gesture based control of devices
  • Consumer: Integrated and seamless control of consumer products
  • Kiosks: Augments touch-less point of sale systems
  • Industrial: Enhances HMI, advancing health and safety in business applications and public area. 

EBV - Ultrahaptics - Touch Dev Kit- Key performance Mixed Media (MM)

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Key performance

  • Up to 4 focal points size: 8.6mm diameter
  • Up to 400Hz haptic refresh rate
  • Dimensions: H29mm x W186mm x D221mm
  • Interaction Zone: approx. 50-500mm, ±30° cone centred around the top surface of the transducer board

For further technical information see developer.ultrahaptics.com

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Get started with mid-air haptics now

We would be delighted to give you a quote for any Ultrahaptics product.

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Ultrahaptics TOUCH development kit for haptic feedback in mid air