Ultrahaptics brings the sense of touch to mid-air gestures. For the first time, gesture recognition has feedback without a physical connection, it is responsive and reactive. Ultrahaptics’ core technology manipulates modulated ultrasound, from an array of ultrasonic transducers, to give you complete control of virtual buttons, sliders and dials. Proprietary algorithms control the projection and nature of the desired sensations, when and where you need them. The TOUCH Development Kit allows you to create tactile sensations in free space so that your products and devices communicate with the user through haptic feedback. Experiment with a range of sensations included in the Sensation Editor library, configure them to your requirements or develop your own using the software suite provided. Including a transducer array board, gesture tracking sensor, software suite and fully embedded system architecture (microprocessor and FPGA), the UHDK5 TOUCH Development Kit has everything you need to easily implement Ultrahaptics into your product development cycle, from prototyping through to mass production.


Create unique sensations

Modify standard sensations or create entirely new ones with the easy-to-use Sensation Editor.

Plug and play

Quick and easy to set up and create tactile, mid-air sensations within a few minutes of unboxing.

Use any gesture recognition camera

Use the included pre-calibrated camera, or work with any gesture recognition software that gives x, y, z co-ordinates.