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Virtual tactile sensations without the need for wearables/controllers

Ultrahaptics’ intuitive touch technology controls ultrasound waves to project tactile sensations onto a user’s bare hands. It enables developers and designers to create virtual touch in mid-air, which users can feel without the need of haptic gloves or hand-held game controllers. Notably, Ultrahaptics’ solutions significantly enhance user interfaces with gesture control.
You can now create invisible buttons and dials that come to you when you need them, and enhance virtual objects and interfaces with intuitive haptic feedback. Ultrahaptics’ flexible technology has multiple applications in automotive, appliances, computing, consumer products, gaming, marketing, advertising and industrial. Enabling immersive user experiences with a magical sense of touch.


Ultrahaptics in action

By adding tactile feedback using Ultrahaptics’ technology, you can enhance products and services with a richer sense of presence and control across a range of industries and use cases.

EBV - Ultrahaptics in action Table

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Market segment Description
Automotive Mid-air control of infotainment systems and dashboard functions.
Appliances Safe and hygienic control from a distance, virtual safety barriers.
AR and VR Enriching virtual objects with the sense of touch, adding presence and enabling truly magical experience such as spells, lightning and sparkles.
Consumer Integrated and seamless control of consumer products.
Computing Adding an extra dimension to 3D imaging and next generation UI.
Gaming Augments gesture controlled gaming with tactile sensations.
Industrial Enhances HMI, advancing health and safety in public.
Marketing and advertising

Tactile feedback in advertising and promotion enhances brand engagement, increases recall rate and purchase intention.


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Get started with mid-air haptics now

We would be delighted to give you a quote for any Ultrahaptics product.

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EBV - Ultrahaptics TOUCH Dev Kit Grid Box Light (LM)

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Integrate mid-air haptics into your product, without the need to wear or touch anything. Ultrahaptics’ TOUCH Dev Kit provides everything needed to bring haptic feedback to your product prototype. Available now for $1999

EBV - Ultrahaptics Rectangular Array Accessories Grid Box Light (LM)

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Rectangular Array Accessories

Upgrade your TOUCH Dev Kit with a rectangular array to meet demands of alternative form factors. Available now for $1299

EBV - Ultrahaptics Cover Array Accessories Grid Box Light (LM)

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Cover Array Accessories

Validate product integration requirements and accelerate towards production with Ultrahaptics’ recommended acoustic cover materials for the TOUCH Dev Kit. Available now for $199

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Responsive and reactive gesture recognition without a physical connection: Haptic feedback with Ultrasound