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Identification of electronic devices is of tremendous importance for security. When establishing a connection between devices or to the Internet proof of identity and origin enables to reliably determine who is sending/receiving data.

In addition, device authentication can prevent financial damage and image loss through cloning of products and consumables. The ROI that can be generated by ensuring that a certain product will only work with original consumables and extensions outweighs the investment on security hardware clearly.

Personalized secure elements that are custom programmed and contain unique information about the manufacturer are incredibly efficient and perfectly suited to protect devices with accurate identification. However, custom programmed security hardware is usually available only for mass production with high-volumes as the required programming equipment and expertise is expensive.

In collaboration with semiconductor suppliers and qualified machine manufacturer, EBV Elektronik recognized this issue in order to set-up a process that enables cost-efficient and reliable integration of customized security hardware into your supply chain independently of production volume.

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Product security should be a key consideration during early stages of development and throughout the product lifecycle.   Security breaches can be very costly and negatively impact product success and company brand.  Counter measures should be implemented across hardware, software, network and application layers.   Authentication is a key aspect of security that ensures robust access and easy identification of counterfeits. With product level authentication, clones and fake products will not be validated and access to networks is denied.  


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This is especially critical in applications like Automotive and Industrial where human or environmental safety is at risk.  For less than a Euro, security chips provide authentication capability in any OEM product.   Turnkey services from EBV allow OEMs to easily embed custom security seamlessly into the existing supply chain process at an affordable cost and with no minimum volume.

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The result is a remarkably efficient process. EBV Elektronik supports you with the definition of the OEM certificate and programming parameters. Within our logistic backbone, the Avnet Logistics Solutions Warehouse, a programming machine was created and is used to customized semiconductor devices in a secure environment. The devices are packed and shipped and can be integrated into your manufacturing process without any special equipment just like other electronic components.


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