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Broadcom Optocouplers

EBV - Broadcom Optocouplers Digital Optocouplers (LC)

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Digital optocouplers

Broadcom offers a wide portfolio of industrial plastic digital optocouplers to meet the requirements of factory automation applications.

They are versatile and easy to use. These optocouplers are designed for use in a variety of isolation applications ranging from power supply and motor control circuits to data communication and digital logic interface circuits. The product offering includes high-speed logic gate digital optocouplers that operate at 20MBd, 10MBd, 8MBd, 5MBd, 1MBd and 100KBd.


EBV Broadcom Optocouplers ACNT-H50L Grid Box Light (LM)

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The Avago ACNT-H50L is a single-channel 1 MBd optocoupler device in stretched SO8 package.

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