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Broadcom Optocouplers

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Broadcom automotive optocouplers

For the automotive industry, Broadcom offers a wide range of digital, IPM interface, gate drive optocouplers and isolation amplifiers.
The first supplier to introduce 125°C plastic optocouplers for automotive applications, Broadcom automotive R2Coupler™ products are AEC-Q100 qualified with applications in:

  • Automotive system CANBus interface isolation
  • Motor inverter drives
  • AC-DC and DC-DC converters for battery chargers
  • Battery/inverter voltage monitoring
  • Battery management systems


EBV- Broadcom Optocouplers- R2Coupler™ optocouplers (LC)

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R2Coupler™ optocouplers

Proven Quality and Reliability Track Record
Image of R2Coupler isolation productsBroadcom R2Coupler isolation products are designed to meet the stringent requirements for the automotive market. Building upon 35 years of  optocoupler expertise, the automotive parts are manufactured in a IATF 16949 certified manufacturing facility and are PPAP supported. Robustness is demonstrated through qualification in accordance to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 guidelines. Broadcom optocouplers have been used extensively in long life and mission critical isolation applications such as locomotive transportation, aerospace, military and industrial automation. Since the introduction of R2Coupler products in 2006, these automotive grade products have seen wide adoption by many automotive suppliers with millions of units operating in more than 30 car models.

EBV- Broadcom Optocouplers Table

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  Automotive grade
Qualification Plan AEC-Q100
Maximum Temperature Range -40°C ≤ TA ≤ +125°C
Quality Management IATF 16949
Lot Tracking Traceable to wafer # and lot #
Record Retention ≥10 years typically


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Related products

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EBV Broadcom Optocouplers Automotive ACPL-31JT Grid Box Light (VP)

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The Avago ACPL-31JT is an automotive grade 2.5 A smart gate drive optocoupler device featuring fast propagation delay with excellent timing skew performance.

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Broadcom Automotive Solutions

Key applications driving automotive innovation and growth include Infotainment System, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Powertrain and Body Electronics.

EBV Broadcom Optocouplers Automotive ACPL-32JT Grid Box Light (VP)

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The ACPL-32JT features integrated flyback controller for isolated DC-DC converter, IGBT Desaturation sensing with fault feedback, Under-Voltage LockOut (UVLO) with soft-shutdown and fault feedback and active Miller current clamping.

EBV Broadcom Optocouplers Automotive ACFL-5211T Grid Box Light (VP)

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The Broadcom ACFL-5211T is an automotive grade dual-channel optocopler device designed for bi-directional digital communications.

EBV Broadcom Optocouplers Automotive ACFL-6211T Grid Box Light (VP)

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The Broadcom ACFL-6211T is an automotive-grade, dual-channel optocoupler device designed for bi-directional digital communications.