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Renesas RE Family  ARM® Cortex®-M Core SOTB Process-Based Energy Harvesting Embedded Controllers

The new RE Family based on Renesas's innovative Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide (SOTB™)  process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and fast CPU operation at low voltages. This is typically impossible to achieve with a conventional bulk transistor process.  The energy harvesting controller and 32-bit CPU also enable the development of intelligent and battery maintenance-free energy harvesting IoT devices.

  • Arm Core
    • Based on Arm’s Cortex- M0+ core with large software ecosystem
  • Ultra Low power  consumption
    • 2 mA active current @  32 MHz running Coremark benchmark
    • 140 nA standby current
    • 64 MHz operation down to 1.62v
    • 4 uA operation during 14 bit ADC operation @ 32 kHz
  • Unique Low Power Peripheral IP
    • Multiple low power modes to allow optimization of performance / power consumption
    • Ultra low power flash memory with low power reprogramming
    • Unique low power timers and analogue functions
    • Unique Energy harvesting controller 

Renesas RE product family

The first member of the new Renesas RE Family MCU series is the RE01, this device is optimized for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications offering a unique combination of low power and high performance, with large on chip memories and unique low power peripherals

Renesas RE01 Group

64MHz ARM Cortex M0+ with  1.5 Mbytes of on chip flash

The RE01 group uses a Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core  that can operate at up to 64 MHz, with 1.5 Mbytes of flash memory, split into 3 separate 512 Kbyte blocks that can be independently programmed and erased with background operation. The device also  has 256 Kbytes of ultra low power SRAM that can be powered in 32 Kbyte blocks to reduce power when not required. The RE01 offers  a wide range of specially designed low power peripherals optimized for a wide range of low power applications, including a unique Energy Harvesting Controller which allows the use of a wide variety of energy harvesting power sources. The RE01 MCU targets a wide range of low power consumer and industrial applications.

Key features

  • 64MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+Image of Re Family
  • 1.5MB Flash Memory and 256kB SRAM
  • Multiple low power modes to optimize performance / low power
  • Memory in Pixel (MiPs) display interface
  • Unique energy harvesting controller
  • Optimized low power timers
  • Full RTC clock / calendar with clock correction
  • Two low power watchdog timers
  • Ultra low power 14-bit ADC & 12-bit DAC
  • 7 USARTs with I2C and SPI support
  •  2 dedicated I2C & 2 dedicated SPI interfaces, plus QSPI
  • USB2.0 Full Speed
  • TSIP secure engine provides full security suite including key management and AES support
  • 100  & 144 pin LQFP and 156 pin WLBGA packages


  • Ultra-low power operation extends battery life for battery-operated portable and battery backup applications and allows the use of energy harvesting power sources
  • High speed operation at low power provides an ideal solution for many applications requiring pre processing of data before sharing, ideal for a variety of wearable and IoT applications
  • Dedicated low power peripherals provide optimized solutions for a wide range of low power applications
  • Reduce BOM cost and PCB size by eliminating the need for external components


  • Building Automation/Home Appliance (Alarm sensor, Smoke Detector)
  • IoT sensing applications
  • Healthcare  (Glucose meters, Pulse Oximeters, Body Composition Measurement)
  • Smart Agriculture (soil moisture sensors, tracking applications, rain gauges)
  • Wearables (hybrid watches, sports watches , fitness trackers,  smart clothing)
  • General Purpose

Evaluation kit

A Full evaluation kit including On-Chip debugger, MiPs display and solar cell to evaluate energy harvesting applications  – Part name: RTK70E015DS00000BE

Image of  RTK70E015DS00000BE Evaluation board
If you are looking for more information on the SOTB™ Process Technology, please click here.

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