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Nexperia Industrial Solutions

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Nexperia industrial solutions

Providing highly reliable discretes, logic and MOSFETs with long lifecycles for the industrial market

The industrial environment is changing constantly towards energy efficiency, power miniaturization and system reliability. Nexperia supports these trends by securing interfaces, reducing the size of various applications while also increasing the power density.

Industrial applications: Motor Control, LED Lighting, Building & Home, Industrial Automation, Cameras and Controls.

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Small Signal Bipolar Transistors

Comprehensive range and options for low VCEsat devices

Image of BZX84W-B10 product


General-purpose Zener diode in an SOT323 leadless very small SMD plastic package

Image of PDZ3.0BGW product


Single Zener diode in a SOD123 small SMD plastic package

Medium Power Bipolar Transistors

Downsize footprint, boost performance

Image of PMEG10020AELR product


100 V, 2 A low leakage current Schottky barrier rectifier

Image of PMEG6010ELR product


60 V, 1 A low leakage current Schottky barrier rectifier

ESD Protection, filtering and signal conditioning

Interface conditioning and protection

Image of PESD5V0U1BA product

Ultra low capacitance bidirectional ESD protection diodes

Image of IP4220CZ6 product


Dual USB 2.0 integrated ESD protection


Highest reliability and performance

Image of psmnr70-40ssh product


N-channel 40 V, 0.7 mΩ, 425 Amps continuous, standard level MOSFET in LFPAK88

Image of PSMN6R9-100YSF product


NextPower 100 V, 7 mΩ N-channel MOSFET in LFPAK56 package

Small Signal MOSFETs

Power density in miniaturisation

Image of PMGD175XNE product


30 V, Dual N-channel Trench MOSFET

Image of PMPB10EN product


30 V, N-channel MOSFET


Commitment and innovation

Image of 74HC4851PW product


8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer with injection-current effect control

Image of 74LVC4T3144PW product


4-bit dual supply buffer/line driver; 3-state


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Nexperia Case Study: Compact and Efficient E-Bike Motor Driver

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