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Microchip Power over Ethernet

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End-to-end PoE solutions for IoT applications

Microchip offers end-to-end PoE solutions comprised of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) IC, Powered Device (PD) IC and Systems (Injector/Midspan and Switches).
PSE ICs offer the highest integration level and lowest total BOM cost to meet the high-power needs of 2-pair and 4-pair PDs. Cost effective, pre-programmed PoE Controller designed to be implemented with enhanced-mode PSE managers.

PD ICs with and without integrated Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) controllers as compact solutions for converting PoE input power into one or more output voltages.
IdealBridge™ dual-pack MOSFET-based full-bridge rectifier that protects against reverse-polarity connections while reducing power consumption, space requirements and improving thermal performance.
Single- and multi-port PoE injectors/midspans and switches that enable seamless deployment of PoE technology to Ethernet-based devices in indoor, outdoor and industrial environments. Standalone, fully tested, qualified and certified, zero time-to-market off-the-shelf and ready-to-install. Interoperable with existing devices, no R&D resources needed.

Broadest PoE ICs product line

  • PSE ICs featuring 1 to 8 ports PSE manager and PSE controller
  • PD ICs solutions with and without integrated PWM controllers
  • Ideal Diode Bridge reduces power consumption and improves thermal performance

Complete PoE systems product line

  • Single and Multi-Port injectors/midspans and switches
  • Indoor, outdoor and industrial rated products
  • Standalone fully testes, qualified and certified

PoE pioneers, market leaders and innovators

  • 25 years experience, designed 6 generations of PoE ICs and systems
  • First PoE midspan, first outdoor PoE midspans, first to introduce 2.5G and 10G PoE midspans

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