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Wearable health applications

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Today, fitness trackers are fairly common. In the future, we may have much more sophisticated health monitoring and diagnostics around our wrists, in a patch, or some other small, wearable format. Sensors, power management, low-power microprocessors, and embedded security technologies are key to bringing these products to life. Our ICs for wearable health applications integrate sensors with signal conditioning and conversion circuits for small, highly accurate solutions. Our low-power microprocessors provide high efficiency and robust signal processing to support the demands of these small, sensor-based devices. To safeguard against malicious attacks, our embedded security technologies protect the sensitive data that is collected and transmitted by wearable health devices. 

As a provider of both off-the-shelf and application-specific analog and power ICs for medical and wellness applications, Maxim’s innovative solutions have been extending the capabilities of healthcare products for over 30 years.

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Their minimal obsolescence policy provides assurance that the ICs selected for your healthcare design will be available over the life of your product. Such assurance is especially important when designing equipment which requires regulatory review for introduction and design changes.

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Part number Description  Key Features Details


The MAX30102ACCEVKIT from Maxim includes the MAX30102 high-sensitivity pulse oximeter and heart-rate sensor and an accelerometer.
  • Ultra-Low Power Operation
  • Fast Data Output Capability
  • Robust Motion Artifact Resilience
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With highest efficiency and lowest quiescent current (IQ) of only 300nA, the MAX17222 nanoPower boost regulator from Maxim Integrated Products enables long battery life in the smallest form factor for wearable and consumer IoT designs.
  • 300nA Quiescent Supply Current Into OUT
  • 95% Peak Efficiency
  • 400 mV to 5.5 V Input Range
  • 0.88 V Minimum Startup Voltage
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The MAX40000 / MAX40001 are tiny, single comparators with built-in voltage references that are ideal for a wide variety of portable electronics applications.

  • Micropower Operating Current (0.9µA typ, 1.7µA max)
  • Internal Precision Reference Saves Space and Cost
  • Multiple Reference Voltages 1.252V, 1.66V, 1.94V, and 2.22V
  • Input Voltage Range = -0.2V to 5.7V
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The MAX32630FTHR board is a rapid development platform designed to help engineers to quickly implement battery optimized solutions with the MAX32630 ARM® Cortex®-M4F microcontroller.

  • ARM Cortex-M4F, 96MHz
  • 2048KB Flash Memory
  • MAX14690 : Battery Charger with Smart Selector
  • mbed® HDK Debug Interface
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The MAX32600MBED provides a complete, functional system ideal for developing and debugging applications.
  • On-Board ARM® mbed™ Hardware Development Kit (HDK)
  • Arduino-Compatible Connectors
  • Prototyping Area
  • USB Micro-B Connection to MAX32600
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The MAX32625/MAX32626 is a 32-bit RISC ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU-based microcontroller, ideal for the emerging category of wearable medical and fitness applications. 
  • High-Efficiency Microcontroller for Wearable Devices
  • Power Management Maximizes Uptime for Battery Applications
  • Optimal Peripheral Mix Provides Platform Scalability
  • Secure Valuable IP and Data with Robust Internal HW Security
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The MAX30205 temperature sensor accurately measures temperature and provide an overtemperature alarm/interrupt/shutdown output.

  • 0.1° C Accuracy (37° C to 39° C)
  • 16-Bit (0.00390625°C) Temperature Resolution
  • 2.7 V to 3.3 V Supply Voltage Range
  • 600 µA (typ) Operating Supply Current
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The MAX14720/MAX14750 are compact power-management solutions for space-constrained, battery-powered applications where size and efficiency are critical.

  • Micro-IQ 250mW Buck-Boost Regulator
  • Micro-IQ 200mA Buck Regulator
  • Micro-IQ 100mA LDO
  • Configurable Power Mode and Reset Behavior (MAX14720)
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The MAX40006 op amp features a maximized ratio of gain bandwidth (GBW) to supply current and is ideal for battery-powered applications such as handsets, tablets, notebooks, and portable medical equipment.
  • 300kHz GBW
  • Ultra-Low 4.5µA Supply Current
  • Single 1.7V to 5.5V Supply Voltage Range
  • Unity-Gain Stable
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MAX32660 Ultra-Low Power ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU-Based Microcontroller for Wearable and IoT Sensors
  • 1.8mW retention power w/ all SRAM maintained
  • 60mW/MHz executing from flash
  • Up to 256KB flash and 96KB SRAM
  • Cortex M4F core with DSP and floating point acceleration
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MAX86141 The MAX86140/MAX86141 are ultra-low-power, completely integrated, optical data acquisition systems
  • Ultra-Low-Power Operation for Body Wearable Devices
  • Excellent Ambient Range and Rejection Capability
  • Miniature 2.048 x 1.848mm, 5 x 4 0.4mm Ball Pitch WLP
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
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MAX32652 Maxim MAX32652 Cortex M4 with a floating-point unit MCU
  • 120MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
  • 3MB Internal Flash
  • 1MB Internal SRAM
  • 16-Channel DMA
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MAX86140  The MAX86140/MAX86141 are ultra-low-power, completely integrated, optical data acquisition systems
  • Excellent Ambient Range and Rejection Capability 
  • Built-in Algorithm Further Enhances Rejection of Fast Ambient Transients
  • Miniature 2.048 x 1.848mm, 5 x 4 0.4mm Ball Pitch WLP
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
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MAX20310 The MAX20310 is a compact power management integrated circuit (PMIC) for space-constrained,battery-powered applications where size and efficiency are critical
  • Extend System Battery Use Time
  • Extend Product Shelf-Life
  • Minimize Board Area
  • Easy-to-Implement System Control
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