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Embedded security

Embedded systems need protection from malicious attacks. Add tamper detection to your system to protect sensitive data and encryption keys. Or safeguard your IP and R&D investment from cloning and unauthorized use. With Maxim’s solutions, you can easily secure your entire system.
Security manager products work with your microcontroller to protect information.  Secure Authenticator ICs provide crypto-strong authentication. Our secure microcontrollers have built-in FIPS-certified hardware cryptographic engines that support industry-standard algorithms.

EBV- Maxim IoT- Security- Featured products Table

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Part number Description Key Features Details
MAXREFDES143# The MAXREFDES143# is an Internet of Things (IoT) embedded security reference design, built to protect an industrial sensing node by means of authentication and notification to a web server
  • SHA-256 authentication
  • Unique secret for each node in the system
  • 1-Wire/I2C/Wi-Fi interfaces
  • mbed shield equivalent to Arduino form factor pinout
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MAXQ1061 The MAXQ1061 is delivered with a “cryptographic toolbox,” which enables features such as key generation, secure storage, digital signatures, and SSL/TLS/DTLS encryption
  • Supports Highly Secure Key Storage
  • High-Level Functions Simplify SSL/TLS/DTLS Implementations
  • Extensive Host/System Services
  • Multiple Communication Interface Options
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