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Infineon Wireless Charging

EBV - Infineon Wireless Charging Authentication (LC)

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Authentication for USB-C & Qi wireless charging

Complexity of multiple standards and features addressed in single integrated turnkey solution

Infineon is not only expert in developing and producing components that form innovative systems for modern applications. We are also a leader in game changing security solutions, ensuring you, your data, and your devices remain secured and safe.

In an era of fast data exchange and complex digitalization with high speed connectivity, portable devices are more popular than ever. With the USB Type-C (USB 3.1) standard and its ability to deliver up to 100 W of power and super speed data transfer at 10 Gbps the device landscape is about to change. Wireless charging will inexorably gain even more traction!

The industry notices a threateningly fast increase of poor quality chargers, cables, and accessories congesting the market - not being compliant with requirements for protecting data and preventing major damage of the host devices. The only way to fight this phenomenon is utilizing standards for achieving a uniform level of safety, security and conformity. Pre-condition will be the exchange of verification information right at the point of devices being connected, before any data or energy is transferred.

With the USB Type-C Authentication and the WPC Qi Authentication Standard both - the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) are enabling certified authentication standards which will be adopted by the leading industry players in the consumer as well as in the industrial field.

In response to this development Infineon that is besides power also a technical leader in security, adds a new member to its OPTIGA™ Trust family – the OPTIGA™ Trust UWP. We are prepared to support “one standard for all”.

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EBV - Infineon Wireless Charging Authentication (MM)

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(USB-C & Wireless Power) in USON10 package (3x3mm)

*coming soon

Free samples

EBV - Infineon Wireless Charging - Authentication - 10 W Qi transmitter (LC)

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Example: 10 W Qi transmitter for charging smartphones including OPTIGA™ Trust UWP

10W Qi Transmitter incl OPTIGA Trust UWP diagram

Key features

Key benefits


  • Global turnkey solution for USB-C Authentication and Wireless Charging to Qi (WPC) Open Standard
  • Common criteria certified, EAL6+ (high) hardware
  • Authentication based on ECDSA NIST-P256
  • Cryptographic supporting: ECC256, SHA-256
  • X509v3 Certificate format support USB-C
  • Certificate & key format supporting Qi standard
  • PKI
  • I2C serial interface
  • Up to 10KB user memory
  • USON10-2 package (3x3mm)
  • Extended temperature range option
  • Full system integration support incl. fully integrated evaluation kit (plus host software)*
  • Safeguarding Qi Security for consumers and devices globally
  • IoT protection built-in (CC/EAL6+)
  • Full turnkey solution HW / host / certification / timing implementation WPC Qi certified

*coming soon

Qi authentication permission flow (simplified example)

Image of Qi Authentication Permission Flow

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