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Product portfolios

CoolSiC™ trench power MOSFETs 650 V, 600 V CoolMOS™ S7 SJ MOSFETs, EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs

EBV - Infineon Switchers and Drivers - Portfolio Table

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System features System benefits

CoolSiC™ MOSFETs 650 V

  • Optimized switching behavior at higher currents
  • Robustness against parasitic turn-on
  • Wide VGS range, 0 V turn-off VGS
  • Gate-oxide reliability
  • Excellent thermal behavior, very low RDS(on) dependency with temperature
  • Increased avalanche capability
  • 80% lower Qrr and Qoss over SJ MOSFET offerings


600 V CoolMOS™ S7 Superjunction MOSFETs

  • Best-in-class RDS(on) in SMD packages
  • Optimized for conduction performance in low-frequency switching topologies


EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs

  • 13 V UVLO_OFF thresholds for CoolSiCTM
  • 4 A / 8 A source / sink output current to minimize switching losses
  • ±7 ns propagation delay accuracy to minimize dead-time losses
  • High performance, high reliability and ease of use
  • Simplified and cost-effective deployment of the highest system efficiency, reduced control efforts
  • 50% loss reduction
  • Decrease in system cost and complexity (cost down potential)
  • Smaller system size and reduced weight
  • Use in topologies with continuous hard commutation and bi-directional topologies
  • Suitable for high temperatures and operation in harsh environments

CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs 650 V product portfolio

The new CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs 650 V are available in classic TO-247-3 packaging or integrated into TO-247-4! The benefit of using the latter is a drastic reduction of switching losses due to additional auxiliary source connection.

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CoolSiC™ trench power MOSFETs 650 V

EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs for SiC*

RDS(on) max. [mΩ]

RDS(on) typ. [mΩ]



1-channel EiceDRIVER™

2-channel EiceDRIVER™















  IMZA65R107M1H   IMW65R107M1H

*coming soon
**TO247-4: drastically reduced switching losses due to additional auxiliary source connection

EBV - Infineon Switchers and Drivers - IMZA65R072M1H Table

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Special product feature: IMZA65R072M1H

Leveraging the wide bandgap SiC material characteristics, the IMZA65R072M1H is a highlight product within Infineon’s CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs 650 V. It enables a unique combination of performance, reliability, and ease of use. The IMZA65R072M1H is a 4-pin device in a TO-247-4 package. That translates - compared to 3-pin devices - due to the additional auxiliary source connection into drastically reduced switching losses. Suitable for high temperature and harsh environment operations, using this particular SiC MOSFET in designs leads to the simplified and cost-effective deployment of highest system efficiency.

Key features  Key benefits
Optimized switching behavior at higher currents Unique combination of high performance, high reliability, and ease of use
Commutation-robust, fast body diode with low Qrr Ease of integration
Superior gate-oxide reliability Suitable for topologies with continuous hard commutation
Best thermal conductivity and behavior High robustness and system reliability
Low RDS(on) and pulse current dependency on temperature Reduced system size leading to higher power density
Increased avalanche capability  
Compatible with standard drivers (recommended driving voltage: 18 V)  
Kelvin source provides up to 4 times lower switching losses  

EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs optimized for CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs 650 V

1-channel and 2-channel galvanically isolated EiceDRIVERTM gate-driver ICs are the best choice for optimal CoolSiCTM operation. For use in a CCM totem-pole PFC functional or basic isolation provides the required robustness against switching noise. In secondary side controlled LLC stages reinforced isolation is indispensable. Common to all of them is the 13 V UVLO_OFF protection, which ensures that gate-source voltage is high enough to safely conduct the required drain currents in the CoolSiCTM trench MOSFETs 650 V.

Strong 4 A source and 8 A sink output currents are the key to minimize switching losses. Excellent ± 7 ns propagation delay accuracy minimizes dead-time losses.

Enablement of high performance topologies for energy-smart SMPS designs

Wide-bandgap products, such as the CoolSiC™ trench MOSFET 650 V (coming with robust body diode) and the CoolGaN™ 600 V HEMT portfolios from Infineon, act as enablers to move towards high-performance topologies like the continuous-conduction mode (CCM) totem-pole power factor corrector (PFC). A topology that ensures 99% efficiency in the PFC stage, leading to 98% overall system efficiency, while hard commutation is present in every switching cycle. Even under these very demanding conditions, CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs 650 V provide the right balance of high efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. This is possible because they come along with roughly 80% lower Qrr and Qoss compared to the best silicon references, which ensures outstanding hard commutation robustness. Due to the low dependency of RDS(on) with temperature, the 99% efficiency level can be reached by using a 72 mΩ RDS(on) typ. part, eventually resulting in a system cost decrease.

Image of Robustness for hard commutation topologies
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Graphic of Efficiency for CoolSiC Mosfet 650 V

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A full SMPS design requires a DC-DC stage. LLCs are commonly used soft-switching topologies in which not-continuous hard commutation can occur under certain conditions. Due to the outstanding Qrr level of CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs 650 V, designs can be even more reliable while at the same time efficiency levels are further improved.

System-level diagram: High efficiency CoolSiC™ totem pole PFC in server switched mode power supply (SMPS)

Combining CoolSiC-CoolMOS-EiceDRIVER block diagram
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EBV - Infineon Switchers and Drivers - SMPS topologies Table

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CoolSiC™ trench MOSFET 650 V product portfolio in SMPS topologies with matching gate-driver ICs 

SMPS topology Power class

Recommended CoolSiCTM MOSFET 650 V

RDS(on) class

Recommended minimum

Recommended EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver IC

CCM totem-pole PFC

(functional isolation required)

3.9 kW IMx65R027M1H (40 A)* 11.0 V

2EDF9275F*** or

2x 1EDB9275F*** or

2x 1EDI20I12MF
IMx65R048M1H (40 A)** 12.2 V



2x 1EDB9275F***
3.3 kW IMx65R048M1H (33 A)* 11.7 V
IMx65R072M1H (33 A)** 12.7 V
2.8 kW IMx65R072M1H (27 A)* 12.2 V
IMx65R107M1H (27 A)** 13.0 V
2.3 kW IMx65R107M1H (22 A)* 12.2 V


(reinforced isolation required)

n/a any 11.0 V 2EDS9265H***

*highest efficiency achievable with recommended RDS(on)
**RDS(on) variants being lower price alternatives
***coming soon

EBV - Infineon Switchers and Drivers - Half-cycle Table

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Half-cycle management: CoolMOS™ S7 SJ MOSFETs and EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs

The second half bridge in the CCM totem-pole PFC runs at low frequencies. Here, the perfect choice is the 600 V CoolMOS™ S7, a SJ MOSFET designed for low-frequency switching, offering the lowest RDS(on) at the best price.

600 V CoolMOS™ S7 product portfolio and matching EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs

  600 V CoolMOS™ S7 EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver ICs for 600 V CoolMOS™ S7
RDS(on) max. [mΩ] TO-220 TOLL 2-channel EiceDRIVER™
22 IPP60R022S7 IPT60R022S7 2EDF7275F
40   IPT60R040S7
65   IPT60R065S7

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