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Engine and battery cooling fan

The engine/battery cooling fan is one of the main thermal management components in the engine compartment. The move to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emission levels is placing the spotlight on alternative power solutions such as 48 V battery systems. Delivering the same power as 12 V and 24 V systems, 48 V technology lightens the 12/24 V board net workload. At the same time, it substantially reduces the current and, as such, the weight of cables and motor windings. Infineon’s 3-phase gate driver ICs are suited to all three voltage classes.

Block diagram of a 3-phase motor drive

Low integration level: 3-phase gate driver IC for 12 V, 24 V and 48 V battery systems

A low level of integration based on discrete components gives you the flexibility to select the optimal device for each function. The result is a tailor-made design that fits your target application like a glove. High-current drives in particular benefit from the latest MOSFETs offering lowest RDS(on) in thermally optimized packages.

Infineon’s advanced gate driver ICs (e.g. TLE9180D-31QK) are capable of controlling 6 external N-channel MOSFETs, thus forming an inverter for high-current 3-phase automotive motor drives. The sophisticated high-voltage technology in these ICs supports single and mixed battery applications with voltages from 12 V to 48 V.

Product highlights

3-phase gate driver


AURIX™ microcontroller

SAK-TC397XP-256F300S BC

XENSIV™ Hall sensor


XENSIV™ TMR sensor

TLE5501 E0001


IAUC60N04S6N044 (optional)







OPTIREG™ power supply

TLS820F0EL V50

Innovative boards to enhance product development

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TLE9180D 3-phase gate driver IC evaluation board

  • This evaluation board has the purpose to allow developers to quickly get familiar with the gate driver IC TLE9180D-31QK and evaluate its functions.
  • The evaluation board can be operated at an input voltage range from 12 V up to 48 V DC.

Order Code: EVALTLE9180D31QKTOBO1

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EBV - Infineon Motor Drives & Pumps - Board 2 Mixed Media (MM)

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AURIX™ 2G TC397_3.3V_TFT general purpose evaluation board

With this general purpose AURIX™ 2G TC397_3.3V_TFT evaluation board, customers can quickly start to develop, evaluate and test their software. The board features various communication interfaces such as CAN FD, Gigabit Ethernet, SPI, FlexRay as well as an LCD XGA Display 320x240. 

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EBV - Infineon Motor Drives and Pumps - Board 3 Mixed Media (MM)

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This Evalkit is a plug and play solution for Infineon’s XENSIVTM TLE5501 TMR angle sensor.

The Evalkit consists of:

  • an Infineon XMC1100 BootKit (microcontroller)
  • the TLE5501_EVAL_SHIELD which can be plugged onto the BootKit
  • a “magnetic knob” that can be mounted on top of the shield
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