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EBV and Infineon: Electrifying (the) future

Light electric vehicles (LEVs) are an increasingly important EV sub-category

Fossil fuels and alarming emission levels? We can do better than that! One out of many essential steps towards an energy-efficient world lies in the soaring popularity - and consequently the use - of electrified two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles. Nowadays, new materials and technologies enable greater power efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight, and lower cost solutions. Consumers look for affordable, clean transportation alternatives to address congestion, poor air quality, and lack of mobility.

Want to play a key role in accelerating the transition to e-mobility with your products? Then turn to a true expert, a leader in power, sensing and security solutions: Infineon.

Types of plug-in electric vehicles

Besides conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, the industry currently distinguishes based on the all-electric range (AER) and the level of hybridization between the following types of electric vehicles:

  • All-electric vehicles (long-range and limited range versions)
  • Gasoline-electric hybrids (range-extended and minimal range versions)

What they all have in common is the fact that for charging their high-energy battery an off-board charging infrastructure is needed which happens to be fundamentally different from the well-developed infrastructure for fueling gasoline-powered vehicles. Charging options vary: AC level 1 chargers use the electric service present in almost every building. DC fast chargers require higher levels of voltage not to be found everywhere, i.e. provided only by specifically installed commercial fast-charging stations with higher charging rates.

Three-hurdles slowing mass deployment of plug-in electric EVs

When focusing on the mass deployment of all-electric vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrids, the challenges currently recognized can be summarized in three main hurdles:

  • the high initial investment,
  • the limited charging infrastructure available,
  • and consumer misperceptions about their operation.

In other words, battery system cost, battery density, range limitations and charging constraints continue to be impediments to adoption.


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Complete system solutions for LEVs

Infineon is specialized in offering complete system solutions encompassing all fundamentals, namely power electronics, controllers, security, and authentication. And of course our advanced sensor technologies add value, too. With our pioneering spirit sustained by technical know-how, highest quality standards and preeminent manufacturing expertise throughout the entire supply chain, we strive to be benchmark in addressing a broad range of light electrical vehicles. With our portfolio we already cater for e-skateboards, e-scooters, pedal electric cycles (i.e. pedelecs), low speed electric cars, e-forklifts, e-rickshaws, three-wheelers in general and many others. Multiple functional blocks are thereby considered (e.g. motor control, battery chargers, air conditioning systems, hydraulic control). Power management and consumption as well as voltage regulation are covered by an exceptional selection of power components (high voltage CoolMOS™, low voltage OptiMOS™, StrongIRFET™, SiC and GaN based products), XMC™ and AURIX™ microcontrollers, and EiceDRIVER™ gate driver ICs – amongst others. In other words, Infineon offers all components that are needed for the compact, cost-effective designs of today, and for the innovative vehicles of tomorrow.

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Features and benefits:

  • Most robust silicon solutions in the market
  • Ideal for both - low and high power density application
  • Industry-leading performance with the best figure of merit (FOM) enabling rugged and reliable system designs with reduced BOM count and consequently at an attractive overall system cost level
  • Enabling various levels of integration and space saving (depending on the application)
  • Application based qualification procedure (beyond JEDEC) according to stringent industrial and automotive (if applicable) standards
  • Perfect choice for multiple functional blocks in LEVs (e.g. battery charging, motor control, battery management system, etc.)

Why Infineon is the right partner for your LEV projects:

  • Most reliable, industry-leading solutions, delivering either best-in-class performance or price competitive (cost-optimized) solutions for the widest range of LEV applications
  • Mastering all leading power technologies (Si, SiC, GaN)
  • Most comprehensive packaging portfolio in Si MOSFET technologies (THT, SMD)
  • Number one in in the low voltage MOSFET market
  • Extensive application system understanding and manufacturing expertise throughout the entire supply chain
  • High quality volume supply that results in faster time to market
  • Global application design support via a worldwide network of field application engineers and trusted distributors
  • Broad portfolio – all out of one expert’s hand
  • Line-up for ease-of-use - combination of complementary switches, gate driver ICs, and controllers

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