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Infineon’s modular IoT prototyping concept

EBV - Infineon MyIoT - Modularity (LC)

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Modularity – The essence of fast, flexible, easy prototyping

Systems consisting of reusable, flexibly combinable hardware blocks

Probably all of us remember playing with toy building bricks. Small colorful building blocks flexibly combinable, making it easy and fast to come up with ever new constructs. Each of them reusable as often as new ideas pop up in one’s mind. Exactly this is what we at Infineon intended to achieve with our modular prototyping concept.


EBV - Infineon MyIoT - Hardware (MM)

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The hardware consists of so called Shield2Go boards which form the reusable building blocks. They vary based on the Infineon product they are equipped with. Currently available are those with a security or a sensor component. Also on offer is a 2Go kit featuring a microcontroller. Fast orientation is the result of the standardized form factor and pin layout. Designers can stack the boards instead of soldering them thanks to the solderless connectors used.

In order to enable you to develop your own IoT systems by combining Shield2Go boards Infineon introduces its My IoT adapter. Combined with other boards (i.e. external hardware solutions like the popular IoT hardware platforms, Arduino and Raspberry Pi), it provides connectivity. All Shield2Go boards share a common pin out design, i.e. pins are hard coded to specific functions like SPI or I2C. This enables a generic PCB evaluation board design for Infineon’s Shield2Go portfolio.

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EBV - Infineon MyIoT - Software (MM)

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Even the best hardware cannot come to life without proper software. Each IoT application so to speak needs a brain turning instructions given into actions expected. To keep it as simple as possible, Infineon uses Arduino, the open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. For each of Infineon’s Shield2Go boards exists a dedicated ready-to-use, free software library for Arduino. Just a few clicks to install the library in the Arduino IDE separate you from assigning the respective library to your project.

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EBV - Infineon MyIoT - Shield2GO (LC)

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Every Shield2Go is directly compatible with Infineon's XMC™ 2Go evaluation board. Hence, the recommended quick start is to use an XMC™ 2Go for evaluation. After installing the XMC-for-Arduino the named evaluation board can instantly be used by plugging the Shield2Go board onto it. As shown in below example where the DPS310 Pressure Shield2Go is being plugged onto the XMC™ 2Go:

Image of XMC™ 2Go evaluation board

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