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EBV and Infineon - Gate driver ICs

EBV- Gate Driver Solutions- perfect fit to CoolSiC MOSFET (LC)

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Gate driver ICs as perfect fit to SiC MOSFET (including Infineon CoolSiCTM MOSFET)

EBV - Gate driver solutions- Perfect fit to CoolSiC MOSFET (LC)

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Every switch needs a driver. Infineon’s range of EiceDRIVER™ families fit perfectly with CoolSiC™ MOSFETs. Ultra-fast switching 1200 V power transistors as CoolSiC™ MOSFETs can be easily handled with isolated gate output sections.

The gate driver ICs incorporate the most important key features and parameters for CoolSiC™ MOSFET driving such as tight propagation delay matching, precise input filters, wide output side supply range, negative gate voltage capability, and extended CMTI capability.

Key features

  • Available in wide body package with 8 mm creepage distance
  • Suitable for operation at high ambient temperature
  • Active Miller clamp
  • Short circuit clamping and active shutdown
  • ≥ 100 kV/μs CMTI
  • Precision DESAT protection
  • 12 V/ 11 V typical UVLO thresholds

Product Part number

Typ. Peak drive current

Type Prop. Delay
Active Miller clamp Package Features

1EDC/1EDI Compact isolated high-side driver family



3.5 20 300 Yes

DSO-8 150mil

  • ​Functional isolation


3.5 40 125 No

DSO-8 300mil

  • 8 mm creepage clearance
  • UL 1577 certified with VISO = 2500 V(rms)  for 1 min


9.4 40 125 No

DSO-8 300mil


3.5 20 300 Yes

DSO-8 300mil

1ED-F2 Isolated high-side driver with integrated protection


2.0 28 170 Yes

DSO-16 300mil

  • Short circuit clamping
  • DESAT protection active shutdown

2ED-F2 Isolated dual high-side driver with integrated protection


2.0 28 170 Yes


Win an Eval Board!

The EVAL-1EDC20H12AH-SIC is developed to demonstrate 1EDC20H12AH is the perfect driver for CoolSiC™ MOSFET IZM120R045M1.

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