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EBV- Infineon drives Battery title (LC)

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Superb performance for battery powered motor drives

Based on industry-leading technology, highest quality and manufacturing expertize, Infineon provides a variety of innovative power semiconductors which enable designers to develop highly reliable and efficient solutions for motor drive applications.

Through its comprehensive portfolio, Infineon addresses a broad range of battery powered motor control applications, such as power tools, forklifts, and all kinds of light electric vehicles including e-skateboards, e-scooters, pedelecs, low speed cars and many others. Infineon offers an excellent selection of devices for power management and consumption, as well as voltage regulation – such as power MOSFETs (e.g. OptiMOS™ and CoolMOS™), XMC™ microcontrollers, gate driver ICs and more.

Not sure which product is the right fit for your application? Check out Infineon’s solution matrix!        

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EBV- Infineon drives Power MOSFETs (LC)

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Power MOSFETs for motor drive applications - OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™

Image of Power MosfetsInfineon’s power MOSFETs enable higher efficiency, power density and cost effectiveness within motor driven applications. The joint OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ portfolio, covering 20 V up to 300 V MOSFETs, addresses both low and high switching frequencies. These two MOSFET families consistently meet the highest quality and performance demands in key specifications for power system design such as on-state resistance and FOM characteristics.


  • StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFETs
    StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs  are designed for rugged industrial applications and are ideal for designs with a low switching frequency as well as for those that require a high current carrying capability.​
  • StrongIRFET™ IRL40SC209 with RDS(on)= 0.8 mΩ
  • StrongIRFET™ IRL40SC228 with RDS(on)=0.65 mΩ
  • OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs
    OptiMOS™  power MOSFETs provide the best-in-class performance. The MOSFETs feature an ultra low RDS(on) , high efficiency, and power density, which makes them ideal for high switching frequency applications. With OptiMOS™ 20 V- 30 V power MOSFETs product families, Infineon sets new standards in power density and energy efficiency for discrete power MOSFETs and system-in-package. 
  • BSC009NE2LS5 with RDS(on)=0.9 mΩ
  • BSC011N03LS with RDS(on)=1.1 mΩ
  • BSZ0500NSI with RDS(on)=1.5 mΩ
  • OptiMOS™ 40V and 60V product families feature not only the industry’s lowest RDS(on) but also the perfect switching behavior for fast switching applications. The reductions of 15% lower RDS(on) and 31% lower Figure of Merit (RDS(on)) x Qg ) compared to alternative devices have been realized by an advanced thin wafer technology.
  • IPB011N04NG with RDS(on)=1.1 mΩ
  • IPB015N04NG with RDS(on)=1.5 mΩ
  • IPP020N06N with RDS(on)=2 mΩ
  • BSC014N06NS with RDS(on)=1.45 mΩ
  •  OptiMOS™  family products  are also available in  voltage classes from 75 V to 300 V, offering  expected Infineon reliability and efficiency. 
  • IPP051N15N5 with RDS(on),max = 5.1 mΩ
  • IPP030N10N5 with RDS(on),max = 3.0 mΩ
  • IPB042N10N3 with RDS(on),max = 4.2 mΩ
  • IPB073N15N5 with RDS(on),max = 7.3 mΩ
  • BSC037N08NS5 with RDS(on),max = 3.7 mΩ

EBV - Infineon drives Trusted leader (LC)

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Trusted leader in high voltage MOSFETs - CoolMOS™ technology

Image of coolMOS technologyThe revolutionary CoolMOS™ power MOSFET family sets new standards in the field of energy efficiency. Infineon’s CoolMOS™ products offer a significant reduction of conduction, switching and driving losses and enable high power density and efficiency for superior power conversion systems.

600V and 650V  CoolMOS™ CE - Best price-performance superjunction MOSFETs for consumer applications

Good efficiency, ease-of-use, and EMI performance at an attractive cost  make the CoolMOS™ CE series the product of choice for many low power applications such as power tools and consumer robotics. Compared to standard MOSFETs, CoolMOS™ CE offers benefits in efficiency and thermal behavior. The product family is designed for the consumer market and is developed to be easy to design-in.

  • IPA60R400CE with RDS(on),max = 400 mΩ
  • IPA65R400CE with RDS(on),max = 400 mΩ
  • IPA65R110CFD with RDS(on),max = 110 mΩ

EBV- Infineon drives Intelligent power modules (LC)

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Intelligent power modules (IPM) - CIPOS™ Nano - Three-phase or half-bridge driver with MOSFETs

Image of Cipos NanoThe CIPOS™ Nano is a family of highly integrated, ultra-compact power modules designed to drive motors in efficiency appliance and light industrial applications, including pumps, fans, automation systems or consumer drives e.g. multicopters. By utilizing an innovative packaging solution, the CIPOS™ Nano family delivers a new benchmark in device size, offering up to a 60 percent smaller footprint than existing three-phase motor control power ICs.


EBV- Infineon drives Gate driver ICs (LC)

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Gate driver ICs

Image of Gate driver ICsInfineon’s gate driver ICs are the crucial links between control ICs and powerful MOSFET, IGBT and GaN switching devices in discrete gate drive applications or as part of integrated power modules. Gate driver ICs enable high system efficiency, excellent power density and consistent system robustness. Manufactured after industry standards, and offered in different standard packages and pinout configurations, they offer full compatibility with existing designs, which eases drop-in replacements and upgrades. 


  • 2EDN MOSFET EiceDRIVER™ family
    The new two-channel 2EDN MOSFET EiceDRIVER™ family features two independent, non-isolated low-side channels, each capable of providing a 5 A source and sink peak current, without the need of external Schottky clamping diodes, for higher power density and lower BoM costs. The family serves e.g. DC-DC converters, power tools, and motor control applications.
    The 2EDN752x is a fast dual-channel driver for low-side switches, suited to drive logic and normal level MOSFETs and supports OptiMOS™, CoolMOS™, standard Level MOSFETs, superjunction MOSFETs, as well as IGBTs and GaN power devices. 
    • 2EDN7524F
  • The new 200 V gate driver IC family
    Infineon offers 200 V half-bridge (IRS2008S, IRS2007S), and high- and low-side (IRS2005S. IRS2005M) driver ICs tailored for low-voltage (24 V, 36 V, and 48 V) and mid-voltage (60 V, 80 V, and 100 V) motor drive applications. The IRS200x family utilizes Infineon’s high voltage IC process to realize a compact, efficient, and robust monolithic construction.  The IRS2005 family is a perfect replacement for IRS2001, IRS2008 for IRS2004, and IRS2007 for IRS2003.
  • IRS2008S -  200 V half-bridge driver IC 
  • IRS2005M - 200 V high and low side driver IC 
  • IRS2005S - 200 V high and low side driver IC 
  • 6EDL04N02PR - EiceDRIVER™ Compact - full bridge 3 Phase gate driver IC 
  • The new  600 V gate driver IC family
    The new 600 V half-bridge driver ICs are optimized for high-voltage motor drive applications such as major home appliances, battery powered equipment, hand-tools, fork-lifts and golf-carts requiring rigorous standards for reliability and quality.
  • IRS2301S - 600 V high and low side driver IC 
  • IRS2302 - 600 V half bridge driver IC 
  • IRS21867 - 600 V high and low side driver IC ​

EBV- Infineon drives Motor control IC (LC)

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Motor control IC

Image of Motor Control ICiMOTION™ is a family of highly integrated products for the control of variable speed drives. By integrating both the required hardware and software to perform sensorless control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), they provide the highest energy efficient appliance motor system with the lowest system cost. The iMOTION™ modules integrate digital, analog and power technologies together in a flexible, mixed signal chipset to simplify motor control designs and bring energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions faster to market.


  • IRMCK099 - patented and field-proven motion control engine (MCE) 

EBV- Infineon drives Microcontroller platform (LC)

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XMC™ - one microcontroller platform for countless solutions

Image of XMC microcontroller platformInfineon’s XMC™ 32-bit industrial microcontroller portfolio is designed for system cost and efficiency for demanding industrial applications. It comes with the most advanced peripheral set in the industry. Fast and largely autonomous peripherals can be configured to support individual needs.


EBV- Infineon drives Microcontroller and driver support (LC)

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Microcontroller and driver support

Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio of high performance linear voltage regulators for industrial and multimarket applications. The regulator families provide highly efficient power supply and prolonged battery life.  Infineon’s linear voltage regulators are especially designed for use in harsh environments. Their robust design approach ensures delamination-free ICs and long–term reliability. Beyond this, other dedicated features such as low noise behavior, compact package form, maximum operating voltage, and extraordinary robustness are the key characteristics that enable Infineon’s regulators to achieve highest system performance at little system and operational costs. Infineon’s new IFX1763, IFX54441, IFX30081 and IFX54211 LDO families have been designed to exactly match those requirements.

EBV- Infineon drives Sensing solutions (LC)

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Infineon sensing solutions

Image of Infineon sensing solutions3D magnetic sensors for smaller and more accurate and robust designs

Infineon’s 3D magnetic sensors were designed to provide three-dimensional position sensing, and  set new levels of accuracy with extremely low power consumption in a small 6-pin package. The products offer high temperature stability, great communication speed, environmental robustness, contactless position sensing durability to applications currently using potentiometers or optical solutions, and an integrated wake-up function which enables lowest system power consumption. 3D magnetic sensors address consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.


Hall switches for high precision and low energy consumption

Infineon’s Hall switch families comprise high-precision, unipolar and bipolar Hall-effect switches and latches for different magnetic sensitivities. The  products have proven successful in many automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The family also includes two-wire sensors with a current interface.


ixMR - based magnetic angle sensors

Infineon’s family of angle sensors is based on integrated Magneto Resistive (ixMR) technologies which enable them to detect the orientation of an applied magnetic field by measuring sine and cosine angle components. This allows them to easily determine the absolute orientation of the magnetic field between 0° and 360°. The benefits of ixMR technology include: low sensitivity to TLI4961-1Mgap variations, improved tolerance to misalignment, and high sensing  speed resulting from tying speed limitations to delays in the amplifier circuit.

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