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Infineon CAV - 24 GHz Radar (LC)

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24 GHz radar for white spot detection


An automotive 24 GHz radar system is an attractive option when you face tighter budgetary constraints, but don’t want to sacrifice high-demand features, such as rear cross traffic alert or blind spot detection. What counts most: the solution must boast a high level of integration and be especially easy to use.

Infineon offers precisely what you’re looking for. For instance, our highly-integrated 24 GHz transceiver and AURIX™, our 32-bit multicore ADAS derivative with a dedicated feature set for radar applications. With its SiGe-based technology, Infineon is the first big player to offer a competitive solution with a long-term roadmap approach for any kind of short-range radar ADAS applications.

Key products:

  • 24 GHz Kit



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