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Infineon Automotive Motor Drives

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BLDC Motors, efficiency at its best

Though a BLDC motor is fairly efficient by nature, designers today face mounting pressure to further enhance their design’s efficiency and stand out on the competitive market. This can be achieved, for example, by reducing overall energy consumption and optimizing thermal management. Reducing the system size and decreasing maintenance can also help produce desirable results.

In Automotive we find BLDC-Motors mainly in applications which are basically permanently in use or where extreme high dynamical behavior is required:

  • Fans ( e. g. HVAC-Fan)
  • Pumps (e. g. Fuel-Pump or Water-Pumps)
  • Engine-Cooling
  • Active suspension and eTurbo (mainly 48V applications)
  • and even for Oil-Pumps where ambient Temperatures of up to 150°C are reached



Image of Motor Control BLDC

Block diagram of BLDC motor control with Infineon® Embedded Power IC

Depending on specific circumstances and boundary conditions, customers choose their optimal system-design. Most relevant are:

  • Power-Requirements
  • Voltage-Supply
  • Space-Constrains
  • Dynamic/Control requirements

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Automotive motor drives system solutions

Infineon provides such semiconductor solutions and steadily extends the portfolio of semiconductors needed for smart and modern Motor Control, such as MOSFETs, Bridge Drivers, Integrated Bridges, Smart Power Controllers, Microcontrollers and Sensors.

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Infineon Technologies

Infineon® Embedded Power ICs - TLE987x Family

The TLE987x family offers scalability in terms of flash mem- ory sizes and MCU system clock frequency supporting a wide range of motor control algorithms, either sensor- based or sensor-less.

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Infineon Technologies

Automotive Mosfets

Infineon’s Automotive Mosfets are optimized to meet and exceed the energy efficiency and power density requirements of automotive BLDC and H-bridge applications.

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Infineon Technologies

Gate driver ICs for external MOSFETs

Infineon’s family of configurable, H-bridge and 3-phase gate driver ICs can be combined with MOSFETs to provide the power and efficiency these systems demand.