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Ease of use: BDC Motors

You can achieve energy and cost efficiency by selecting one of our designated solutions for the various types of BDC motors, all in proven Infineon quality you can depend on.

The key characteristics of BDC are:

  • Easy to control: torque is proportional to current – speed is proportional to voltage – Bi-Directional drive only by changing polarity of voltage-supply
  • Moderate efficiency: Therefore used more in applications running not permanently
  • Variable speed: fewer external components required than induction or brushless DC motors
  • Maintenance necessary as brushes wear out
  • Louder than induction motors (EMI and audible)

In Automotive we find BDC-Motors in a broad variety of applications such as:

  • Window-Lift and Sun-Roof
  • Fans ( e. g. HVAC-Fan)
  • Pumps (e. g. Fuel-Pumps or Water-Pumps)
  • Tail-Gate or Door-Opener
  • Flaps for e. g. HVAC or in the exhaust-channel



Image of Integrated Solutions for DC Motor Control

Block diagram of DC motor control using components for medium integration

Depending on specific circumstances and boundary conditions, customers choose their optimal system-design. Most relevant are:

  • Power-Requirements
  • Uni- or Bi-Directional Drive
  • Voltage-Supply
  • Space-Constrains
  • Dynamic/Control requirements


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Automotive motor drives system solutions

Infineon provides such semiconductor solutions and steadily extends the portfolio of semiconductors needed for smart and modern Motor Control, such as MOSFETs, Bridge Drivers, Integrated Bridges, Smart Power Controllers, Microcontrollers and Sensors.

EBV - NPI - Infineon TLE984x Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Infineon Technologies

Infineon® Embedded Power ICs (TLE984x)

The TLE984x product family integrates an ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller core along with relay drivers, high side switches, LIN transceiver and a power supply system that enables the device to operate at the vehicle battery level.

EBV - NPI - Infineon Gate driver ICs for external MOSFETs Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Infineon Technologies

Gate driver ICs for external MOSFETs

Infineon’s family of configurable, H-bridge and 3-phase gate driver ICs can be combined with MOSFETs to provide the power and efficiency these systems demand.

EBV - NPI - Infineon TLE986x Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Infineon Technologies

Infineon® Embedded Power ICs (TLE986x)

The TLE986x is a single chip 2-phase motor driver that integrates the industry standard ARM® Cortex™ M3 core, enabling the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms.

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Infineon Technologies

NovalithIC™ - Integrated half-bridge motor drivers

A NovalithIC™ provides a complete low-ohmic-protected half-bridge in a single package. It can be combined with an additional NovalithIC™ to create an H-bridge or 3-phase bridge as well.

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Infineon Technologies

TLE94xyz DC motor driver family

The TLE94xyz are protected half-bridge drivers designed for automotive motion control applications such as small DC motors for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), as well as mirror adjustment and fold.

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Infineon Technologies

Automotive Mosfets

Infineon’s Automotive Mosfets are optimized to meet and exceed the energy efficiency and power density requirements of automotive BLDC and H-bridge applications.