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Infineon Automotive Motor Drives

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EBV presents: Infineon Automotive motor drives solutions

The number of electrical motors in cars is growing steadily. Currently there are on average about 30 motors in a car and there is no doubt that the demand will grow even further. E.g. since CO2 reduction has become a very high priority, traditionally mechanical pumps like oil pumps, water pumps, fuel pumps are being gradually replaced by smart, electrically controlled motors. The advantage of these electrically controlled pumps is obvious: Instead of continuously using energy with a combustion engine, the electric motors can be switched and speed-controlled on demand.

Another factor besides CO2 reduction increasing the number of electrical motors in cars is comfort and premium equipment, which is propagating from high-end into mid-end and from there to low-end cars. This growing number of functionalities in cars requires reliable, cost-effective, smaller and flexible semiconductor solutions for Motor Control.

The search for a solution to drive applications powered by low-voltage motors ends with Infineon. From 0.1 to 100 A, and from steppers to 3-phase drivers, we offer the right solution for every current range and application requirement.

Infineon provides semiconductor solutions and continuously expands the portfolio of semiconductors for smart and modern Motor Control, such as MOSFETs, Bridge Drivers, Integrated Bridges, Smart Power Controllers, Microcontrollers, Sensors and Power Supplies. 


Image of Automotive Motor Drives Application OverviewAutomotive Motor Drives Application Overview

Motor solutions

  • BLDC Motors:

BLDC motors offer a number of advantages in applications including many in the Automotive Industry. Besides good efficiency, another advantage of a BLDC motor is that it can be made smaller and lighter than a brush type. However, control of such a motor is more challenging. This is exactly why you need a competent partner by your side: Infineon.


  • BDC Motors:

BDC motors are widely used in many applications including those in Automotive. No matter your brushed DC motor application or budget, find the ideal solution in Infineon's broad semiconductor portfolio.


  • Stepper Motors:

Infineon offers dedicated drivers for stepper motors which are capable of driving stepper motors in full, half, quarter and mini step. Have a closer look at the portfolio and choose the right product for your application.


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Automotive motor drives system solutions

Infineon provides such semiconductor solutions and steadily extends the portfolio of semiconductors needed for smart and modern Motor Control, such as MOSFETs, Bridge Drivers, Integrated Bridges, Smart Power Controllers, Microcontrollers and Sensors.