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Industry 4.0 From EBV Time-to-Market (LC)

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Time market

To minimise time-to-market the development departments must be aware of their core competencies and the limits of their knowledge. Application designers can take advantage of the variety of hardware and software elements that are available virtually off-the-shelf, and intelligently use standard hardware and software components to maximise their efficiency.

For example, it wouldn’t occur to many developers to develop a standard (embedded) PC on their own, because it is much cheaper and faster to buy the complete unit. This can be applied in the same way to a design, buying a processor board etc. as a complete solution and using this as the basis of their own application is much more efficient. Comparable practices work for areas such as high-frequency (RF) communication, security, etc.As appropriate off-the-shelf components are not always available, cooperation with suitable partners is necessary; Industry 4.0 is the latest example of this. With its comprehensive partner network EBV Elektronik supports its customers in their search for optimally suited development partners.