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Industry 4.0 From EBV Core Elements of Security (LC)

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Core elements of security


There are five different methods for implementing security: these are the basic aspects of authentication, data integrity and data security as well as anti-tampering and anti-counterfeiting.

  • Authentication ensures distinct identification of system components. For instance the system realizes that only truly approved components for drive and control, or terminals for remote maintenance are connected with it. 
  • Data integrity concentrates on protecting against corruption of data during communication. This aspect is essential to protect firmware updates via the Internet, but also to make sure that the transmitted sensor data is really trustworthy. 
  • Data security deals with the encrypted data communication using technologies for encryption and decryption.  
  • Anti-tampering is the manipulation protection of a device. In case of manipulation, the system automatically deletes the corresponding security keys so the manipulation becomes apparent. 
  • Anti-counterfeiting is simply a protection against reproduction implemented in hardware and software, where certain keys are stored in a cryptographic chip. The device functions only when the keys in the crypto-chip and in the related software fit together. This is one way the problem of overbuilding (unauthorized production of additional devices beyond the agreed production orders) with contract manufacturers can be tackled.